Oars + Alps Natural Deodorant for Men and Women, Aluminum Free and Alcohol Free, Vegan

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  • A POWERFUL DEODORANT THAT REALLY WORKS: Our incredibly effective odor-preventing formula goes way beyond being aluminum-free. With countless awards and thousands of enthusiastic fans, we have set a new bar for what you can expect from a natural deodorant. don't get white spots on clothes. It does not stick and dries quickly. No aluminum means no more dark or yellow pit marks on your shirts. It's a game changer.
  • FRESH OCEAN SPLASH: Our scents are clean and fresh, not overbearing. Our Fresh Ocean Splash fragrance has notes of cedarwood, lime and fresh veggies that meet fresh water notes to leave you smelling cool and sophisticated.
  • PREMIUM GOOD FOR YOUR INGREDIENTS: We've carefully curated each ingredient to keep you dry and smelling fresh . They are vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested. We never use aluminum, alcohol, parabens, phthalates or talc.
  • G0J FREE OF ALUMINUM, ALCOHOL AND BAKING SODA: We omit the aluminum and alcohol found in most antiperspirants, which can cause irritation, dryness and itching. In addition, unlike many natural deodorants, our deodorant is free from baking soda which can cause redness.


Product Description

Scent:Fresh Ocean Scent
Mize:2.6 Ounce (pack of 1)

A powerful, aluminum and alcohol-free natural deodorant that keeps you smelling great without yellowing your shirts. This deodorant works as hard as you do. The fragrance is Fresh Ocean Splash with notes of Cedarwood, Lime and Fresh Greens. Gives you a fresh, clean feeling that is effective in eliminating odor-causing bacteria. Perfectly designed for all skin types and sensitive skin. Does not cause chafing or irritation. Detoxify your armpits and body naturally. Our formula is alcohol-free and aluminum-free, making sweat stains a thing of the past. This product is also glycol-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and sulfate-free. TSA approved and travel friendly, making it perfect for on the go. Perfectly designed to take with you and toss in your gym bag, backpack or carry-on. Proudly made in the USA.

We create natural, powerful skin care products without toxins. We've developed and tested products that work as hard as you do. The result? Powerful, natural, non-toxic, TSA-approved skincare at a price to match.

Is there any gaurentee if this doesn't work as expected? So far, all natural deodorants I've tried make my pits burn after a couple of days.

Amazon has a great return policy as long as you return within the specified time. Look at the fine print to confirm. I bought this and have used it for 2 days. I have sensitive armpits and itching when using certain deodorants. This product has not given me any problems. am happy with it. At the moment I have a cold, so I can't vouch for the smell yet. Go directly to the products website, they have different scents to choose from. I would recommend this product. I hope this helps

Why is this more than twice as much as the regular retail price?

Hi! We sell these individually for $14, but we also offer a 2 pack on Amazon for $27, which is why it may seem twice as expensive, but you actually get two deodorants!

Are there any women using this? Is this scent ok for women, as well?

My girlfriend used it and liked it so it's made for men but a woman could definitely use it.

How long does a stick last for

Surprisingly long. I didn't keep track of how many days exactly, but I'm happy.

Does this product stain clothes?

Did not encounter any stains on clothing while using this deodorant.

does this leave yellow stains on white shirt ? Thanks

Does not stain.

What does this deodorant smell like?

Our Fresh Ocean Splash deodorant contains notes of cedarwood, lime and fresh vegetables!

Does Oars + Alps stain clothes with dark oily patches? I've use other natural deodorants that don't turn shirts yellow but they lease an oily residue.

it didn't stain my clothes. I've also had the same issues with natural deodorants in the past, but not with Oars + Alps.

For those who’ve tried different scents , which is the best scent ?

ax black

What is the packaging made of? Plastic or Cardboard?

The deodorant container is plastic.