MÜhle Traditional R41 Double Edge Safety Razor (Open Comb) for Men – Perfect for Every

Amazon.com Price: $44 (as of 23/11/2021 17:12 PM Details )

  • Safety razor with tooth comb – classic blade
  • Metal handles with chrome-plated metal accents
  • Size:

Is it just me, or was shaving with the muhle blade, that came packaged with it, the worse blade ever? it was more dull than an astra sp after 4 shaves

I've had really good results with the Astra Superior Platinum blades (green box). This is the best razor I have, but I've found that I need a light touch and don't get any cuts. I've used up my old disposable blades by shaving for a few days at the beginning of the week and then switching to the Muhle, and without a doubt the Muhle with the Astra blades is a much closer shave. I haven't tried it with Feather blades yet as the Muhle R41 is quite aggressive, but one day I might try that too. Good luck!

Is this the 2011 or 2013 model?

I bought a Muhle R41 in October 2013. I assume I have the 2013 model, which I think is the LESS aggressive model, is that correct? Than the 2011? And you are all right, the R41 is very aggressive indeed.

How is the rose gold holding after use?

I received mine for Christmas and no problems so far. Keep in mind that Muhle.is one of the better German manufacturers, so I wouldn't worry too much about poor quality. It's a beautiful razor to look at and a phenomenal close shave (not as close as my straight razors, but definitely close......)

how does this compare to Merkur 1904?

They are really at opposite ends of the spectrum. The Merkur 1904 is VERY mild meaning it takes a lot of fitting and a fair amount of pressure to shave off all your facial hair. Frankly, I found it way too mild, and it takes way too much time and effort to shave my face, and I never felt like I was getting a really clean shave. I stopped using mine after a few weeks. In contrast, the Muhle R41 is EXTREMELY aggressive and you have to handle it with a very light touch. It will take out most of my facial hair on the first pass, after which some light "polishing" is usually enough to remove what's left. You must use fresh blades to be most effective. I usually only get 3-4 shaves out of it before I feel it "pulling" when I shave my face. But with new blades (I usually use Astra Platinum), this is by far the most effective safety razor I've ever used. My second choice after that would be the Merkur 39C "Sledgehammer" Slant. Hope this is helpful!

Is this the same as the Muhle R41? There seems to be a $10 price difference in listings.

I'm not sure, but I don't recommend this shaver. It's a great shave, but the handle loses its thread and strip very easily and then it's worthless. I have a $13 butterfly that I started with and it still works. I now chose a $40 butterfly while going through 2 closed and open comb razors because of the same stripped wires. Not a close shave, but they last for years.

I own a merkur slant razor. i dont suffer from any nicks or razor burn. could anyone compare their experience with the merkur slant vs. the muhle comb

Hi Jon, the Muhle is very aggressive so anything more than the weight of the razor against your face can lead to razor burn. But once you get used to it, I find that it offers a very clean shave. I own a Merkur Progress that is almost as aggressive as it is set to 5.

Is this the 2013 r41?

Yes. This is the 2013, not the original.

I have the muker futur how much more aggressive is this

Well, the future is adjustable, so a tough question to answer. It's more aggressive to assume you're below 3, for example. The real difference is that the open comb allows more cream and keeps things smoother. I actually did the same jump, don't worry it's too aggressive as you obviously know how to wet shave with a DE.

Is the muhle r41 more aggresssive than the merkur futur set at its most aggreive setting?

It is definitely a personal preference that one feels most comfortable with and that depends on many different factors. However, many find that the R41 is more aggressive than the Futur and can get a close shave with fewer passes.

I'm planning to buy this Razor. Can someone tell if it's worth buying this over Merkur open comb?

Not only is it a beautiful shaver, it is well made and designed. Take care of it and invest in a booth too. Your blades are just as important. I use Crystals for a fast, close shave and I use Feathers for an extremely close shave, but take your time using Feathers.