Micro Tagband- Skin Tag Remover Device for Small to Medium Size Skin Tags (Includes 10x

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  • Micro TagBand is designed to remove small to medium skin tags
  • AFour step application
  • Aavailable in two sizes
  • Micro TagBand is suitable for use on all areas of the face and body except the sensitive area around the eyes
  • Kit contains 1x Microcone Swabs 1x Microcone Cotton Swabs TagBands and Manual

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6.3 x 3.7 x 0.75 inches 1.45 Ounces

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UK Innovations GP Ltd

10 rubber bands, NINE of the broke,low quality plastic band, and yours?

The doctor told me to make a tight, not around skin tag with dental floss. It took about 10 days. Trim the ends of the string so you don't have large dangling floss. That's how these rubber bands work.

Just 10 bands, so less, why so expensive for such easy but cheap product?

You have to ask them why they offer such a high price, it doesn't work for me at all, new buyer don't trust them or you will regret it

Mine didn't work, How long does yours?

Bad seller they are, no response at all and offer us a poor quality product, my skin is allergic now, won't buy again

How long does the effective time? It didn't work for me.

Didn't work for me. End of tag was big enough but stem was too small to get tight enough

nearly $20? and how's your effect?

They've been working on mine... you just have to make sure you get it to the base and then give it time. I was surprised it worked on one in my armpit.

Can I use this on my eye brow?

If it is a very small skin tag, the rubber band may not stay in place. If the tag is big enough for the rubber band to get a grip on it should work

Which brand is better to use on tags, does this one sells high price?

TagBand is by far the best option and is a very high quality kit. There are cheap ones for sale, but the quality of the tires in these kits is very poor and most tires break during application.

I had such high hopes for the Tagband, but were sadly and painfully to use, anybody else the same to me?

Not painful, but unfortunately this product didn't work for me

Can this be used on the eyelid?

The video says no eye contour.

Could use on my dogs nose tag ?

don't buy this, don't use it at all