[made in Korea] Royal Anti-bac Nose Hair Trimmer for Menfreikugel Manual, Battery-free, Stainless & Brass,

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  • Resistant bacterial growth: Made of brass. Brass kills harmful substances by ionizing cooper in it.
  • [NO-BATTERY MANUAL] No need to struggle to get the batteries out for security check before your flight. No battery is needed.
  • [NO PAIN, NO PULLING] Patented mechanism allows you to trim comfortably with the patented Twelve Dual-Edged blade technology. Don't worry about pulling. Be happy smoothing (PAT#:10-2020-002****)
  • [SAFE & GENTLE] STILL cutting hair with scissors or tweezers can occasionally damage your inner skin. ROYAL Trimmer is made of precision rotary blades, cutting blades never come into contact with the skin.
  • [EXCELLENT GIFT for loved ones] If your loved ones, parents, family STILL cut their hair with scissors or pin set, it will be a lifelong gift. This SAFE and painless gadget NEVER hurts your inner skin with precision cutting double blades. When they use it, they will remember you and your love.

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2.95 x 2.48 x 1.06 inches 2.72 Ounces



What Country is it made

Hey! We make this trimmer ourselves. And we are in South Korea. Royal metal has been making various metal products for 60 years. We are strong in making nail clippers and nose hair trimmers.

Do you wind this up? Or, turn the knob while using it?

If you had one in your hands, you would instantly know how it works. The bottom 40% (the jagged part) is what you turn to make this gizmo work. It can be turned back and forth, or in both directions. It cuts in whichever direction you choose to turn the blades. Remember to move the trimmer SLOWLY (not the blades, but the entire trimmer) to make sure it can be trimmed properly without pulling on nose hairs. This will prevent you from pulling on uncut hair. With a little practice you will find that this trimmer is more effective than a power model.

How is this supposed to be good for carry-on baggage, when it looks like a bullet?

Freikugel and The Silver Bullet differ in size and appearance from real bullets. Unlike scissors or pocket knives, manual nose hair trimmers can be carried on the plane. There is also a small chance of getting caught in the X-ray test at the airport checkpoint. Most importantly, don't worry, because when an airport agent visually checks the trimmer, it will pass without any problem.

does it work on ear hair also?

Yes. It also works on ear hair. You can use it the same way you cut your nose hair.

Do the blades need replacements?

There are no replaceable blades. If it wears out, which is unlikely, just buy a new one.

What is your return/exchange policy if the product is unsatisfactory?

Hi, we are based in South Korea and now sell our nose hair trimmers through Amazon.com. That's why we follow Amazon's customer returns policy. You can return or exchange if Amazon allows it. So please refer to Amazon's customer returns policy. Thank you. https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_left_v4_sib?ie=UTF8&nodeId=GKM69DUUYKQWKWX7

Which one is quieter, birdie or freikugel?

I only own the Freikugel, but given the birdie mechanisms, I can guarantee that the Freikugel is quieter. It seems a bit more expensive than the birdie, but that's the story. I am extremely happy with mine. It's just like the one my dad had in the late 50's and 60's, only sharper blade and almost silent in use.

Why pay more for a trimmer that basically does the same as others. Patients is the matter here. Plus, have ro turn so it works? Not for me.

I'm not 100% sure about the question as it seems to be answered by the questioner in the following sentence. I'll give it a spin. You pay a little more each time, so you don't have to buy a new one. I used to buy battery powered batteries every few years. Twisting my fingers a bit to operate it requires so little physical effort that I'm not even close to tired after using it. I use a lot more physical exertion to earn the money to buy a new battery powered one every few years. It takes me as much time to trim with the manual as it does on batteries. This speaks from experience. You should be pretty impatient for this product to test your patience. The question seems to be more about writing a review based on the description and less about one's personal experience with the product.

In regards to this item [made in korea] royal anti-bac... , how does it stay on without a battery or charger?

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Is the silver metal antibacterial too or just the brass one?

mine is stainless steel and works great. I don't think steel or brass is antibacterial. silver is said to be slightly antibacterial.