Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor – Butterfly Open Razor With 10 Japanese Stainless Steel

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  • Durability – Our Stainless Steel Safety Razors are made with the best quality materials, making them strong, secure and lasting.
  • Precise Shave – The Double Edge Razor Blades provide a smooth and close shave, leaving the skin with none irritation.
  • Long Care for – The long Care for produces a greater grip and easier maneuvering for the easiest shave.
  • Safe – It doesn’t matter if this your first razor or you’re a professional, our Double Edge Safety Razors provide a secure, soothing shave.
  • The Viking Promise: We are so confident that you’re going to love this Safety Razor, that if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, simply contact us and we’ll care for it

how many shaves can you get from one blade?

I've been using the same box of 100 blades since 2016. I don't really count the shaves exactly, but you can feel when they need to be replaced.

Where is this razor made ?

In China ... and it shows! Be careful ..... NOT EVERYTHING THAT SHINES IS GOLD !! If you decide to buy this knife, double check and double check the alignment of the blade and overhang on BOTH SIDES !!

Closed or open comb?

It's a closed comb

How aggressive is this razor?

I think it's more about how gentle or aggressive you are. This was my first safety razor that I have used and I have never shaved better. As long as you shave with your hair patterns, no problem. However, shave on a pimple and it will disappear.

how good is the grip in the shower with soapy hands? Slippery?

For me, the grip is solid with wet hands

Confused about open or closedcomb?

The comb is the somewhat wavy metal that is found just below the blade on both sides. The closed comb has no space between each wavy or dimpled point. The open comb has a space between each point, like a comb for your hair or beard. Differences: The closed comb helps to pull the skin down with each stroke to provide a closer shave, but it can clog more easily. The open comb brings the skin closer to the blade to obtain the same result. Easier to clean open comb but with greater risk of being cut or burned by the razor.

can i shave my man hood with this?

Yes! Practice first on other parts of your body, get used to the weight and what not. Then before starting with more sensitive areas, be sure to always use a clean, fresh blade. I like to use creamo shaving cream for sensitive areas

How do you clean the safety razor?

after use, open the butterfly safety razor, carefully remove it (dispose of the razor safely safe). rinse hair and / or shaving cream. Air dry or use a towel to dry and store.

What's better Gillette fusion 5 or double edge razor?

You are asking a question about the best option between a 5-blade or 2-blade razor on a thread for a -safety blade-razor .. .. smh ... The simple answer is that fewer blades shave "better" for your face and skin, and so close, but you don't have to be as cautious with a commercial multi-blade razor.

Can i use the astra razors with this?

You should be able