Layrite Cement Hair Clay, 4.25 Oz Price: $22 (as of 23/11/2021 17:42 PM Details )


Why did my can have a moist black foam thing in it?

We now use a foam pad in all Cement Clay pots to keep the product fresh and prevent it from drying out!

Does this product work well in controlling curly hair? I use the super hold but i just wanted to know if this is better when it comes to control.

Absolute. Hold the hair the way you want

Does this product work on longer hair

If my hair is short/short I use this product and it is perfect (along with the care spray - I cannot emphasize enough how amazing the care spray is). If it's longer, I think the Blind Barber 90 Proof is best for me... And a mix of the two if my hair is in between.

How does this compare to boogies casual clay?

It's actually pretty good! I still prefer Boogies because it's the best hair clay I've ever used, but this is a solid replacement if you can't get the OG Boogies. DSC has changed their formula and packaging of their Hair Clay and I don't really like the new version. I preferred the Boogies. But again, the Boogies is the BEST hair clay I've ever used.

Does this get a crunchy feeling or look?

Never crunchy or hard or crunchy or gel-like in any way, in any form. It feels soft. Once it's in your hair and dry, it stays soft and even a little pliable, but never crunchy and never wet.

Poor quality product and shipping! Has anyone received theirs open and cream inside container cracked?

I've never had it delivered open, the tear is irrelevant as sometimes hair product melts and shifts in the container and stuff. I would try it and see how well it performs and if it does what it's supposed to keep and use. Otherwise return it and buy another. That was most likely a one time issue as I have ordered this stuff online at least a dozen times and it always comes exactly as it should.

Can this be brought on a plane through a carry on?

I scoop this out into a small sample size jar (you're on Amazon so it shouldn't be hard to find TSA-friendly jars) and top it up as needed for travel.

How come some of the cans come with a foam to keep it fresh and others do not?

Hello, Thank you for your question! All our new Cement Clay 4.25 oz cans come with a foam top to ensure freshness and prevent cracking problems. As long as you buy from our Layrite Amazon page, you're getting our authentic Cement Clay 4.25 oz cans with a foam top inside. Thank you for your support! Layrite

Did you recently change the formula? The last batch I ordered did not feel the same texture, nor did it hold the same

Hello, We have not changed the formula recently. However, sometimes there can be a problem with a single unit. If you are not satisfied with the jar you received, please email [email protected] and we can send you a replacement jar. Layrite

Sponge, do I need to keep the sponge in the clay moist?

This clay does dry out, but can be easily reconstituted. I just add a little water to my hands when I rub the product together. Works fine.