Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine Price: $199.99 (as of 24/11/2021 01:51 AM Details )

  • Professional electric hot soap machine for hairdressers to create a thick, aerated, super wet foam for professional results (Long-lasting DC motor)
  • 1 X RUBBER PAD for non-slip safety surface to rest the machine on

Product Description

** LATHER TIME Professional Lather Machine *** Creates thick, airy, super wet lather for professional results!* Push button for easy dispensing* Oversized soap cup* Non-slip rubber safety pad* Cleaning brush* Durable DC motor* 8oz bottle of liquid shaving cream included!* Approximately 9 “lx 5″hx 4″w** HC700 Poly/Cotton Hair Towel **Old Fashioned Hair Towel* Traditional Poly/Cotton* Black & White Striped Hair/Chair Towel * 45″ W x 50″ L* Extra Large Neck ( approximately 28”)* Made in USA!* Comes with fabric clip to secure cape around neck** Three Premium Plus disposable razors with three blades *** Green rubber Handle* Swivel head* Lubricant strip* Three-head head* Separate packed

Does it work on 220V?

Mine is only good for 120 plug, didn't come with anything extra for a conversion

Does anyone know why all the water in mine after I fill it up not even to the line, will leak out of the bottom drain hole?

Mine never leaks. Looks like you're defective. I love mine, it's the best I've ever used. I would definitely exchange it.

Is this made in usa?


Do I need to buy Campbells cleaner for this machine? And how often do you need to clean it?

I don't like this product, especially for the price. I don't use it and am trying to sell it. The foam does not last long enough to shave the neck. I have tried several solutions but no luck and it needs to be cleaned daily. I've been using the 2 for months. If you still want it, I'll give you a good deal. LOL.

Works on 220v?

No sir, it plugs into a regular plug. 220v is not needed.

Can this machine be used for personal usage once per day? and what type of soap should I use? Thank you David

I use this for personal use and it works great. I always leave the unit plugged in and it makes thick hot foam every day. I suggest you double the amount of soap...two caps instead of one for each tank full of water.

Does anyone know why my machine takes several days to get hot and barely shoots out litte amounts of lather

Hey. I'm not sure about your practices, but I keep my machine plugged in/with power 24/7. I never let it cool down and have to reheat it. After the weekend my machine needs a few tries to get me to lather properly. I've found that my soap-to-water ratio can make a difference in what it pops out. Even if you don't use a little bit of cleaner and DISTILLED water, it can make a huge difference. My machine didn't give me much before I started using distilled water. Finally, I don't pre-mix my foam. Every time I refill my machine I use a little bit of detergent, a capful of soap and the rest distilled water. I stir well and test it; add more soap if necessary. I hope this has helped.

Does anyone know why the lather is always cold despite leaving it always plugged in?

Something must be broken. We use this in a barber shop and it varies between warm and hot all the time. Never cold. We've been using it for about eight months now with those results.

what is the warranty ?

I have the foam machine is one year, but the warranty is one year

Can I use my own shaving cream with this?

it depends on what kind of shaving cream you have. This machine uses a soapy water/dilution combination. I wouldn't pick up a can of barbisol.