Kirkland Signature Triple Blade Razor 14-count Price: $29 (as of 11/11/2021 01:42 AM Details )

  • 14 Cartridges
  • 3 Precision Blades
  • Non Slip Grip Handle

Product Description

The Kirkland Signature Triple Blade Razor and 14 Cartridges set (exclusively at Costco Wholesale) options an ergonomic deal with and 14 three blade cartridges. The versatile swivel head contours for your face for a high quality shave from all angles.

The swish chrome polished deal with supplies an elevated revel in, whilst the non-slip grip puts you in keep an eye on of your shave. A lubricating strip ​makes for a more soothing, satisfying shave.

Are the shaving blades cruelty free?

Sorry sir, I have no idea. Thanks.

Do these fit a Gilllette Mach 3 razor handle?

I don't know for sure, but most likely it doesn't fit Mach 3.

How long will the blades last?

My experience is about 8 shaves, but I have a light beard and only shave every 4-5 days.

do these razor heads fit on a gillette fusion handle?

No sir! They don't fit. Thanks.

Can you get replacement cartridges, or do you have to buy the razor each time you need blades?

No, you don't have to buy the kit again. There should be some sellers who sell only the cartridge pack.

Does Costco still carry these?

No, I haven't seen it for a while

I find it really difficult to install a new blade set. Very difficult to remove the blade from the plastic case that houses them. What am I doing wro

Use your handle to insert it into the blade in the case , when inserted, the blade will come loose from the case

I have read the kirkland blades were made by harry’s. does that mean the harry’s handle can attach to these kirkland blade cartridges? thanks

Harry is a joke and no, they do not fit in the Kirkland solve. I can't believe they have discontinued such a great product. I lost my handle and can't find one anywhere and I have a ton of blades.

What are the ingredients in the lubrication strip?

The video could not be loaded

So if the handle broke can i buy only the handle again ?

I checked the comments of other customers; you can't seem to buy a replacement handle; you will have to buy another set.