Kent 87t Handmade Folding Pocket Comb for Men, Fine Tooth Hair Comb Straightener for Everyday Price: $12.50 (as of 15/11/2021 01:52 AM Details )

  • Gentleman’s Sawcut Folding Shuttle / Pocket Comb with Flexible Teeth Ideal for detangling, grooming and styling male beards and mustaches
  • Home made and hand-polished cellulose acetate, an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and sustainable vegetable subject matter
  • cut from large sheets as an alternative of to be cast, produce a in reality soft comb, at the same time as cast combs incessantly tear, tear and damage hair
  • This comb distributes the natural oils within the skin and beard and ensures a neatly-treated beard or mustache
  • in 1777 is Kent Brushes The arena’s oldest hairbrush manufacturer and has since maintained its British traditions

What re the dimensions of this product open and closed?

The dimensions are: Closed - 2 and 5/8 inches also 6.7 cm Open - 4 and 5/8 inches also 11.6 cm Hope this helps.

anyone have this and the captain fawcett one? they have same # of teeth, size and design. but is much cheaper. thoughts?

Captain Fawcett is a renamed Kent 82T Comb that should normally sell for $ 14. The 82T has teeth of the same length, while this new one has tapered teeth that move away from the handle. This new comb has a suggested retail price of $ 10 so you could either pay $ 19.95 for it or you could wait for more to be shipped from England (late January) and available from other sellers who might price it closer. to the suggested retailer.

I bought this before, but now it can't ship to my location? Why is this item region restricted all of a sudden?

Please try again as this could have been caused by the current seller at the time you placed your order. Amazon delivers everywhere. Must have delivery location restrictions.

Any pulling of hairs? Plastic combs are often poorly cut and have sharp edges or seams that catch hairs. Has anyone had any pulling or breakage?

These combs cut better than most plastic combs, but on my beard it tends to pull a lot more than the wooden comb I prefer, it is more or less a mustache comb as it is not big enough anyway for the beard. Also a bit more static electricity than I would have expected from a Kent.

What are the measurements compared to the normal kent moustache comb?

It is 4.5 inches open and 2 5/8 inches closed. I don't have the normal Kent comb to compare. But I think I've been wearing this for a couple of years. Very good comb.

Is this authentic?

Hello, All of our Kent products are made in England and are authentic. It comes with the manufacturer's warranty. I hope this helps. Best regards, The Bayside Brush Co

Could you tell me the length of this when fully open? Thanks

Thank you very much Richard Izydorek. He gave me the information I needed. I bought the 81T but find it small enough to easily lose it. Your answer gave me not only the length of this comb but also another option. tyvm.

Why do these cost $14 when there's a product photo with a $10 price tag on it? Uncool!

The Kent 87T Comb's MSRP is $ 14.00, I'm not sure how or why that could have happened, but rest assured that sellers aren't overcharging their MSRP.

I have a large beard, would this comb be too small?

It can be used on any size beard, but it may take longer than a larger comb. It is useful to have it in your pocket!

Is the curvature of this comb too curved, making it hard to groom a thinner moustache?

I bought this for my son and he has a very short beard and hair - at the barber every two weeks he switches between goatee and chin strap (names have changed over the years) I bought 2 curved and straight styles, he loves the ones two but he carries the curve with him all the time