Keeva Organics Acne Treatment Cream With Secret Tea Tree Oil Formula – Perfect for Acne Price: $21.96 (as of 23/11/2021 22:30 PM Details )


its zero ounces? then what am i buying?

Clearly a typo on their part. But DO NOT buy this product from this seller. Buy direct from Keeva. The product I received was fake and caused a terrible reaction that resulted in a trip to the dermatologist and two days of missed work.

What is the percent of salicylic acid in this product? And isn’t that the real acne fighting ingredient here?

Although it is very helpful in fighting acne, tea tree oil is one of the most proven methods of fighting acne

What's the difference between syrum and cream? Which is more potent if just buying one?

The serum is used more for problem areas to clear them up, and the cream is used all over to help prevent problems.

Is there a guarantee with my purchase that i'll receive the original formula made in usa, not counterfeit from china?

As long as you buy from keeva organics you should be safe but I wouldn't recommend buying from other buyers.

what is the size of the jar?

The jar size for this listing is currently 0.5oz.

Does is clog pores

I have not found it to clog the pores.

Does this have salicylic acid as the active ingredient and the tea tree as inactive?

No, there is no mention of salicylic acid, but the tea tree oil is the active ingredient. But this product didn't work for all of me. It's too expensive per ounce to use as a cooling facial gel alone!

How well does this work on scars? Also is it long lasting?

It works very well on my cystic acne. But it won't be long. Very small container for the money.

With all this changing-formula stuff, can anyone confirm that this is still working? Read many reviews that say it no longer works.

UPDATE I just went to Keevs' Amazon page and the banner says "Original formula is back". I guess that's the admission that they messed with the formula!

Will this work on small skin colored acne bumps under the skin too?

Yes, our Keeva products are great for all acne related skin problems!