Jack Black Double-duty Face Moisturizer Spf

Amazon.com Price: $18 (as of 25/11/2021 16:40 PM Details )


Will we get 3 sample with it too?

Please let us know if you would like to receive samples and we will be happy to add them

I shave with an electric razor (use the JB pre shave lotion), and then shower. Would this product work as a post shave/shower balm/lotion?

Yes. There have been times when I don't use the post shave lotion and instead use the face cream. It works well, but I still prefer an aftershave lotion or balm. Keep in mind that every face handles irritation differently. I would try it 2 days and see if your face agrees.

Is this gluten free?


Is this ok to use under your eye?

Under the eye, on my forehead and after shaving but I'm not really impressed with it.

Which size is for sale here? Photo and $48 price reflect 8.5oz, but description lists 1.5oz. Which is it please?

The photo and description are for illustration purposes only. The actual listing has buying options of 1.5oz, 3.3oz, etc.

Could this be used in place of aftershave balm, or used after I apply the aftershave balm?

I use it after I use my aftershave. I've had no problems with it.

Is it tested on animals?

I have no idea if it has been tested on animals. I have a dermatitis skin condition that it works wonderfully on, better than doctor's prescription drugs.

Is this hypoallergenic?

I've had no problem with it and I'm also hypoallergenic.. Used for 3 to 4 years..

Can this be used for women

I am very picky about facial products. I have used it and usually do. It is light and not greasy. And I've never had burning eyes when I could perspire. So, Faysie, I've been taking good care of my skin since I was a teenager. I am 65. I am often mistaken for younger. That's nice, but I am what I am. I don't hesitate to take advantage of this. I've even used it on exposed arms, neck, ears. Does not stain clothes and has no lingering odor. Good luck.

Is this just for men?

I use it, so if it is, then I didn't know. I love the product, I use it when I go fishing or when I am out for an extended period of time. I live in Florida so it's important to have good protection.