Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion, 16 Fl Oz

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Are these 100% authentic Jack Black products?

Yes. 100% authentic.

Is this good to be used as a face lotion?

Yes. I have been using it on my face, arms and legs for years. I have used it on my face after shaving and it did not irritate mine.

Is this good for sweaty skin? If not, any recommendations for people who sweat easy and often?

Dear customer, Yes, this product is not a heavy formula and allows the skin to recover without stickiness or oiliness

Where is this product made?

Developed and produced by an organic chemistry lab in Texas

What percentage is jojoba oil?

I couldn't say what percentage it is, but when you look at the components of the lotion, jojoba oil is listed as one of the first ingredients under Simmondsia Chinensis, which leads me to believe that it is one of the most important. Hard to say what percentage, but usually the main ingredients are listed first.

What does this smell like? How's the scent? Better smell for a young adult man (25+) or older (40+)? Good as a gift?

I think it has a pleasant light scent that both age groups would love to wear. The product and frankly all the Jack Black product line I have used is top notch and quality. I use several Jack Black products. As I got a bit older and wiser (hopefully wiser) I decided I had to take care of my skin and what worries me now as a 25 year old not and as a 25 year old I didn't have the wear and tear with everything to buy the Jack Black product line. The only thing I would doubt as a gift is that if the recipient is unfamiliar with the Jack Black product line, they may not appreciate the cost you spent on the gift as these premium products cost more than most

Is this strong in menthol and would it wake me up?

No it is. It totally dominates. Smells very nice and does the job well. Will it wake you up in my opinion unless you have an extremely sensitive or extra keen sense of smell.

Is this has Expiration Dates ?

No, there is no expiration date on it. I used mine within a month lol.

Is it alcohol free

All Jack Black products appear to be alcohol-free

Does it smell as awesome as the Jack Black facial scrub?

I did not use the facial scrub to compare. All I can say is that this smells great on its own. My wife loves the scent and I agree.