Harry’s Shave Gel – Shaving Gel With an Aloe Enriched Formula – 3 Pack (6.7oz)

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  • SMOOTH SHAVING – Harry's Shave Gel foams into a rich shaving cream that helps your razor glide effortlessly over your skin for a close and comfortable shave.
  • BETTER FOR YOUR SKIN – Unlike many other men's shaving creams, our shave gel has natural ingredients including aloe and cucumber, which moisturize and refresh your skin. The rich lather of our men's shaving gel protects your face and keeps your shave in check.
  • FACTORY DIRECT PRICE Harry has purchased a factory in Germany to ensure the quality of our shaving products and pass the savings on to our customers who have a great earn a shave for a fair price.
  • WE'RE A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST – Publications such as GQ, Esquire and Men's Health stand behind Harry's quality, believing that we offer an impressive shave at a low price. price.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED – We want you to love every product we make. If you are not satisfied with what you ordered, send us a message and we will take care of you.

Product Description

Ssize:6.< > Ounce (3 pcs)

Harry's Shave Gel is the first step to a comfortable, close shave. Our shaving gel foams into a rich lather that ensures your razor glides effortlessly over your skin. The foam protects your face and keeps you in control of your shave. Unlike many other foams that are pumped full of air, our rich, cushioning formula contains natural ingredients, including aloe and cucumber, that hydrate and refresh your skin. Say goodbye to dry.

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8.66 x 7.32 x 2.24 inches 1.9 Pounds

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Does it clog a razor?

The easy clogging of the razor blades is my biggest complaint about Harry's since I started using them five years ago. The gel helps a bit if you go back to the old method of rinsing the razor in standing water while shaving. Running under the faucet doesn't work very well to unclog the blades. An air duster helps with that.

can you use this product with a hot lather machine?

We do not recommend using this with a hot foam machine.

Aluminum free?

Thanks Richard and Cliff! We'll chime in here and confirm that our shaving gel is aluminum free.

which hot lather machines are compatible with this shaving cream?

We can only recommend that our product be used by hand straight from the container as intended.

is the container plastic?

Thanks everyone! A little late with our response here but we can confirm that the cap and dispenser are plastic but the bottle itself is metal.

I didn't order Harrys shave cream but received a 3 pack delivered today 12/24.2020. I have 2 cans plus growing a goatee. Dont need plead advise?

Shave the other parts of your face that the goatee doesn't cover

Can the Harys shave gel be used with an electric shaver?

Thanks everyone! I'm a little late getting in here, but our shaving gel is made to work perfectly with our razors. Therefore, we cannot suggest using it with an electric razor.

Can i use this with my electric razor?

Thanks everyone! I'm a little late getting in here, but our shaving gel is made to work perfectly with our razors. Therefore, we cannot suggest using it with an electric razor.

Does the gel smell the same as the cream?

Thanks everyone! We can confirm that the smells are different. For our shaving gel, think of lavender, mandarin, fir balsam, vetiver and amber. Our Shave Cream has more of a mint and eucalpytus scent.

Does the bottle leave rust stains in the shower like other cans?

We have a can of Harry's shaving cream in our shower and it has never left any rust stains on it.