Harry’s Razor Blades Refills – Razors for Men – 12 Count (Packaging May Vary) Price:  $16.75 (as of 18/11/2021 00:20 AM Details )

  • PREMIUM BLADES – Harry’s Razors for Males contains 5 sharp, tough razor blades honed in our German factory for a near, relaxed shave.
  • EVERYTHING YOU Will need FOR A Excellent SHAVE – Our Men’s Razor is created with a precision trimmer for challenging-to-attain spots, flex hinge, and lubricating strip. Our blades’ box keeps your razor blades in optimum affliction till you are prepared for shaving. It can be simple to use, water-pleasant, and a hundred% recyclable.
  • FACTORY DIRECT Rates – Harry’s purchased a factory in Germany to make sure the high quality of our shaving razors for guys and to pass the cost savings on to our buyers who deserve a fantastic shave at a honest value.
  • WE’RE A BRAND YOU CAN Believe in – Publications this kind of as GQ, Esquire and Men’s Health and fitness stand behind the high quality of our solutions and think we provide outstanding razor blades for guys at a minimal value.
  • QUALITY Assured – We want you to really like each and every solution we make. If you are not pleased with your mens razors for shaving, send us a message and we’ll get care of you.

Product Description

Size:12 Count

Harry’s razors for males incorporate every thing you have to have for a shut, relaxed shave: sharp, resilient men’s razor blades, a flex hinge, a lubricating strip, and a precision Trimmer for your sideburns and really hard-to-attain locations like underneath your nose. (Heads-up: our blades are developed for your encounter and we never rmmend them for head shaving.) we have packed up your box with 12 of our Harry’s razor blades refills within of our water-ly, blades’ Box to defend your razor blades.

Additional information

Package Dimensions

8.78 x 4.57 x 1.42 inches 3.2 Ounces

Item model number



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I ordered the 12 count and got a box with 8. Replacement order was submitted, indicating 12 count blades. When replacement delivered it was box. Of 8

Here also. I ordered the 12 but only got 8. I got a replacement order but it also only had 8. They finally refunded my money. I don't think I will buy them if Amazon shows up as a seller. I also reported it on the product page and with customer service. Hopefully they fix it.

How many shaves each cartridge gives you?

Blade life will certainly vary a bit depending on your particular hair type, shaving schedule, and blade care habits. While there's no exact standard for how long a cartridge will last, I find that the average person likes to replace the blades every 6-8 shaves. The idea is that our knives are durable and long lasting, at a great price.

how many blades do you get wit 8x5 5 or 40 8X5 is confusing

With the shaving sets you get 8 razors and each razor has five blades.

Has anyone confirmed these are the newest version?

We can confirm that these are our latest version Blades.

Are these blade refills authentic?

They look identical to the blades I originally received. They last more than 7 shaves -- and I have a tough beard.

Where is the product sold by Harry’s? Does Amazon not have one sold straight from the company?

Yes, these are Harry's products! You can also order them directly on our site.

Does Harry’s have an answer to gillette’s flexball technology?

No - but the flexible blade is easy enough to maneuver around any face shape.

So i went to the website to find just the handle and theres no listing for just a handle so what gives

Sorry for any confusion. We have handles available on our website, and they come with a blade on top. Please check again as soon as possible.

i"m confused about why the price for 12 is higher, $1.92 each, vs the 8 price is $1.64??

An 8-pack is actually $2 per knife, while a 12-pack is $1.57 per knife!

Long passes or short with these? Does it matter?

You can make long strides. I can go from the top of the cheek to the jawline on the face no problem. Or can go from forehead to crown while shaving. They don't like store bought razors. They are sharp and last a long time. I normally never have to go over an area of missed stubble unless I reach the 2 week mark on a blade. I shave head and face every other day for 2 weeks with each blade. I can use them longer... I just change the heads every 2 weeks