Hair Clippers for Men Full Metal Cordless Close Cutting T-blade Trimmer Kit With Led Display Price: $49.98 (as of 20/11/2021 03:10 AM Details )

  • 【Professional Full Metal Hair Cutting Kit】The cordless hair clipper kit is equipped with a powerful motor to make the hair clipper faster and more efficient at work. Equipped with tightly knit teeth and a powerful rotating motor on the blade, the electric hair clippers for men make sure that every movement removes hair without snagging, giving you an effective haircut. Whether you cut your hair at home or a professional hairdresser, it is your best choice. While cutting the hair, you can easily see the battery status on the LED display, no need to worry about the clipper running out of power. During use, the LED display shows the remaining power of the clippers, reminding you to charge in time.
  • 【High Capacity Battery】Wireless Barber Hair Cutting Tool with Li-ion Battery: Long-lasting rechargeable battery with a run time of up to 4-5 hours after < > hours charging. Compared to most hair cutting sets, the set of men's hair clippers breaks down with the limitation of cables and sockets, allowing you to cut hair wherever you want. You can easily adjust the comb to the best height and cut the desired hairstyle. The cordless clipper is equipped with a T-shaped blade that can be zeroed. The trimmer's slim design makes it easy to trim hair, beard, face, sideburns, edging around ears and body hair. The clippers for men can cut < >0.1mm, professional standard for all-round contouring, dry shaving and fading.
  • 【Barber Hair Cutting Kit】The professional hair clipper set for hairdressers includes a professional hair clipper, a trimmer, which provides exceptional power to cut without any problems. BUT The charger is included. Whether you stay at home, don't have a salon nearby, or are trying to save time or money, the clippers provide an easy way to cut your hair, which is also the first choice for the hairdresser or stylist. Contact us if you have any questions.



Additional information

Package Dimensions

7.9 x 7.1 x 3.75 inches 2.18 Pounds


2 Lithium ion batteries required. included





Is this good for fade cuts?

Yes, it's good for fade cuts. You can do your haircut

My son is sensitive to the noise of clippers and if they pull on his hair as i cut. Are these good for those concerns?

I have them and love them, they are quite calm and make for a nice clean cut and stay charged for a while. I've used it three times on one charge.

Are clippers good for cutting high hair all the way to crew cut with out gaps?

Oh yes, very professional clippers.

Can you still use the unit on a dead battery plugging it into a wall outlet using the usb cable with a universal wall plug added? ?

Yes, it works in wired or wireless mode

Can the trimmer blades be adjusted to zero gapped?

The small clipper is not adjustable, but you can get close to zero with it. The large clipper has a lever to adjust the blades, but it gives you a gap between < >.45-0.80

Where can i get a replacement usb cord for the clippers

the cord you need is a standard or regular UBS charging cord that you can get from any electronic parts supplier. You can of course also buy it from the clippers.

Any comparison to professional clippers ?

I'm not sure about the comparison, but after I adjusted them, they cut perfectly on the skin and the charge lasted until < > haircuts before they need to be recharged. My haircuts consist of my head & beard. I give them a 10/10 very satisfied.

Do the clippers remain cool while in use

I've only used them once so far and I didn't notice them getting hot and I shave my whole face and head with them.

Does anyone else have these clippers and they die fast?

You mean the power dies fast ---- the set we bought keep their power so far and no problem . Maybe someone else has a problem.

What size batteries are required?

No batteries needed. It comes with < > Universal USB charging cables so you can charge it with any universal charger, computer, laptop or even a portable power bank. The battery of the clipper lasts a long time. I've used it a few times already and it's still at 85%.