Gillette Trac Ii Plus Mens Razor Blade Refills, 10 Count, Delivers a Clean, Close Shave Price: $19.97 (as of 21/11/2021 00:42 AM Details )

  • Twin blades glide over skin for a clean, close shave with added comfort
  • Lubrastrip technology helps fight razor burns with blades that glide easily over the skin
  • Eeasy loading system makes blade changes quick and easy

Product Description

Gillette TRAC II Plus Razor Refill Cartridge comes with dual blades for a clean, close shave. The Trac II Plus razor refill also features a lubra strip for a comfortable, close shave.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

0.39 x 0.39 x 4.25 inches 1.12 Ounces

Item model number

Trac II


047400312722 047400112728



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The description reads '10 count, (pack of 2)'. Is one order for 10 blades, or for 20 blades (10 x 2)?

Since there < > knives (Trac II) on a cartridge, they count < > pattern if < > sheets x < >. Agree it's misleading - I had to look closely.

I only received one package and was charged for two. How do I take care of this?

The same happened to me. I notified Amazon and they sent me another package with two packs of blades (which it should have been in the first place.

can I side slide these blades or are they the clip on style?

these blades slide

The description reads '10 count, (pack of 2)'. Is one order for 10 blades, or for 20 blades (10 x 2)? I received one pack of 10 blades

Don't buy from them I only got 1/10 count not the two what stated and I couldn't return them but Amazon refunded me full amount.. looks like a good deal but $35 for < > blades way too many...

Can I get this item on subscribe and save?

I do not know.

Trak/Atra razor included a blade with a very useful tab that helps clean a clogged blade. Where are these blades available?

Trak/Atra razors never have a blade with a tab to clean a clogged blade because the blades never clog. You simply rinse them under the tap or spin the knife around in a filled sink. And so it has been since < > when the Trac II blade was introduced followed by the Altra blade in < >, and the Altra Plus in < >. I've used and loved these clog-free blades for decades, and never found a "tab" to accompany them.

will this handle fit atra and track 2 raxors

It fits the TracII razors. This is the cartridge that slides on from the side. If the Atra (I don't know) slides in from the side, it may work.

How many total blades for $19.97? Should be a straight forward answer.

10 blades for $19.< >. Description has been corrected and updated. Previous rampant confusion as Amazon was forced to fulfill orders for < . on demand > blades - because product website labeling was different from what customers received. < > blades was "too good to be true" for customers who complained about what was once advertised. But they have them, including myself. Today, in < >, it's now ten blades for $19.< >.

does the head flex?

Yes, the head bends, it glides effortlessly over every nook and cranny, smoothly when I was old < > and, even with more holes, just as wonderfully aged < >. Never a nick either. The best part is that I can shave for a month on one of these blades. About < > years ago I tried pretty much every one of those 3-blade, 4-blade, and 5-blade razors. Waste of money - all of them, especially that they all got boring within a week or so. Old school rocks.

Description changed from 2 packs of 10 for 20 blades total, to only 10 blades yet the price hasn't changed. Is this correct?

Then call customer service as I was sent a package two years ago instead of two and they refunded half of the amount.