Gillette Skinguard Men’s Razor Blade Refills, 8 Count

  • MINIMIZES BLADE CONTACT WITH SENSITIVE SKIN, so you don’t get as close as you’d expect from our 5 razors
  • Designed for men with skin irritation, razor bumps and razor burn to smooth the skin. THE BLADES for glide and comfort
  • PRECISION TRIMMER on the back is perfect for hard-to-reach areas and styling facial hair Price: $23.99 (as of 07/12/2021 00:44 AM Details )
Style:8 Refills

The Gillette SkinGuard razor refills are clinically proven for sensitive skin with the SkinGuard feature that smoothes your skin and protects against the blades. It is designed to stop irritation with pre- and post-blade lubrication, and works to minimize hair pulling and clipping at the skin level. The soft microfins gently smooth and stretch the skin, while the microcomb guides the hair towards the blade. These blade refills feature our thinnest blades and a precision trimmer that’s perfect for hard-to-reach areas and styling facial hair. Your shave will have the right blend of smoothness to avoid potential irritations you may have experienced from other razors. This may be a little different from the Gillette shave you’ve experienced in the past, but you’ll still get a great shave that will help stop irritation and razor bumps. SkinGuard blade refills fit all SkinGuard shaving handles.

Product Dimensions

6.38 x 3.82 x 1.85 inches 2.4 Ounces




Procter Gamble HABA Hub

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do the SkinGuard blades work with the Fusion Razor?

I have the fusion vibrating razor and these blades fit. But they don't cut as well as the 5 blade fusion blades if you have a heavy beard.

I have a gillette proglide shield handle will this razors fit? thanks!

Yes, the ProGlide Shield handle fits the SkinGuard blades.

how many shaves do you typically get fron skin guard blade before you have to change it.

Worth about a month and I have a thick corse beard Rate how much blue plastic hss has worn off Everyone is different

is it possible to use gillette skinguard cartridge with fusion proshield power razor?

Yes, the SkinGuard cartridge can be used with a Fusion ProShield Power Razor.

Does this come with the handle

No, just the blades. That said, it supports few different types of handles, so if you have one, compare it to the other website.

Can I use these blades with the Gillete Styler?

It can be used with the Fusion handle.

How long to expect each cartridge to last in general? Does it come in 12 count?

The answer depends on how often you shave. The more you shave, the more you need to replace. Try it and if you don't get the close shave you like then it's at the end of its life.

Will these work on fusion

If you mean that the blades fit in a fusion razor holder, the answer is yes

Are the Skinguard blades compatible with the ProGlide handle?

Honestly I don't know, but they do use the Fusion handle.

What is the difference between those In the cardboard box or in the plastic package.?

If it is a Gillette skin guard razor in both packs then there is no difference.