Gillette Sensor3 Comfort Disposable Razors for Men, 8 Count, Lubrastrip Glides Easily Over Your Skin Price:  $9.97 (as of 20/11/2021 05:10 AM Details )

  • Optimal Shave Indicator Strip – fades to white as shaving performance decreases
  • Lubrastrip glides easily over your skin
  • UUniquely shaped non-slip rubber grip for control and maneuverability
  • Soft protective microfins help protect your skin from nicks and cuts

Product Description

Style:8 Razors

Looking for a men's disposable razor that will allow you to < > comfortable shave? Gillette's Sensor3 Comfort disposable razors do just that thanks to the < > chrome-plated, skin-sensitive blades and a < > degree rotating head that automatically adjusts to the skin's surface for a close, close and comfortable shave. In addition, the skin-guard fins have five elastomeric fins that gently stretch the skin to create a smooth, even surface for an optimal shave. Each razor can be used up to < . go along > comfortable shave. Sensor3 disposable razors for men feature an improved Lubrastrip with water-activated Comfortgel technology for ultimate comfort and a close shave. Complete with an ergonomically shaped non-slip rubber grip for great control and maneuverability and easy-to-rinse blades for 100% better rinsing (vs Sensor2 Plus disposable razors). Find out why the Gillette Sensor3 men's disposable razor is the world's best-selling < > disposable razor*. For best results, use with your favorite Gillette shaving gel, cream or foam. *Based on Nielsen sales data under < > disposable razors for men.

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Product Dimensions

4.09 x 2.14 x 8.1 inches 4.16 Ounces

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885376714375 047400302594 047400663848



Are these Blue in color as show as shown ??? I ordered some from another source land got back ones that are inferior .

The ones I received were gray and orange, not the one shown at all.

How many uses does each razor get?

I get < > days before they are too dull to shave close. Not thrilled with the performance of the razors to begin with.

Can I fly them in the carry-on bag?

The TSA website states that you can pack disposable razors in your carry-on bag.

Does it come with handle or just blades

Gillette sensor < > including handle.

Do these razors feature the “push clean button” like the ST2?

No, nothing like that. I use them all twice with no problems, making sure to put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and give the blades a swipe before shaving.

quiero comprar varios empaques, me preocupa que mayormente envian en cajas muy grandes y pago mucho en envios?

Hola yo compré < > empaques y realmente no ocupa mucho espacio son excelentes lo q te puedo decir que la barrita de gel es muy fina casi no cumple su función . Para piel wise no la recomiendo

Are these anti masculine ? Like their commercials?

Not at all. Advertising is fine. I just love the Gillette < > better. Sometimes "new and improved" is not "new and improved".

Half the bag of razors came to me broken. I even have pics. How do I get a refund or new bag??

Go through customer service, the options should be around your account or recent orders. There is a CS phone number but I'm not sure if it's usable with the pandemic going on, there's a live chat via text message. Step 1: Find customer service and press for that option. Step 2: Look for the next title option "something else?" press that option. Step 3: Find the "I need more help" press on that option. Step 5: This will activate the live chat bubble.

Do these work with a headblade?

I'm not sure what a headblade is, but my husband shaves his head with it and never complains. I hope that helpsâ~ºMeghan F.

Does the package contain a holder or handle for holding the blades?

These are disposable razors and do not have detachable blades. The razor and blades are one whole. You throw away the used razor and blades when the blades are worn out.