Gillette Proglide Shield Men’s 1 Razor Handle + 2 Blade Refills

  • Men’s razor with pre- and post-blade lubrication, protects against irritation while shaving Price:  $13.64 (as of 28/12/2021 15:51 PM Details )


The Gillette ProGlide Shield men’s shaver with FlexBall technology features pre- and post-blade lubrication, protecting the skin from irritation during shaving for uncompromising closeness and comfort. It has 5 anti-friction blades for a shave you barely feel. The blades are placed close together for incredible comfort with a precision trimmer on the back for hard-to-reach areas and to style your facial hair the way you want. The improved lubrastrip (vs. Fusion5) has more lubricants for comfort and glide. Features 2x lubrication (vs ProGlide) for incredible comfort. Lubrication before and after the blades protects against irritation while shaving. Soft microfins gently stretch and smooth your skin, while a microcomb helps guide your hair for a close shave with our thinnest blades. The ProGlide Shield Men’s Razor features our sharpest blades (first 4 blades) that help cut almost any hair effortlessly. A razor blade refill lasts up to a month of shaves. All ProGlide Shield blade refills fit all Gillette 5-blade razor handles (excluding GilletteLabs)

can I use this to shave bikini area

If you are brave //

How it compares to proglide? The same?

This does not vibrate.... No battery... Big difference!... Also you only get ONE refill...

2 razor blade refills? so it's the blade that comes with the razor along with 2 blade refills. a total of 3 blades?

No only 2 sheets please look at the picture, thanks!

I just purchased a fusion 5 proshield razor with 1 refill. i have not yet opened the package since i can see no evidence of a razor/refill carrier?

no filling

Does this version of Gillette razor use a battery? So far, I've gotten one "yes" and one "no" response to my question.

No, anyone who answers yes is misleading you. This is not the battery powered shaver.

Atra twin blade razor without lubricant strip

Grease strips make little difference and are a gimmick to increase sales. Instead of double blades, consider 4-6 blades.

Can I use this to shave my legs?

Yes. It works great on my legs.

Does this come with a plastic resting case??? To set the razor in or on???

Mine (1 razor, 1 blade pack) came without a gray hard plastic holder shown on many of the review images. Only the lean, thin PET packaging is present. This makes it unusable for storage/travel. Save yourself a headache, buy one somewhere else with a case.

Hi can I use fusion 5 refills for this?

Hello, According to the manufacturer a Fusion razor will fit - Fusion, Proglide & Proshield, normal or Power blades. So I think this also applies the other way around. Have A Nice Day.

Does gillette include a warranty with their fusion proglide power razor?

A fully satisfied guarantee I believe.

Will proglide plus razor replacement cartridges work with this razor?

Yes, our Fusion ProGlide blades will fit on our Fusion ProGlide Shield manage. - The Gillette Team

Does this version of Gillette razor use a battery? So far, I've gotten one "yes" and one "no" response to my question.

No, anyone that answer yes is misinforming you. This is not the battery powered razor.