Gillette Proglide Power Razors for Men, 1 Gillette Razor, 1 Razor Blade Refill, 1 Battery Price: $15.99 (as of 25/11/2021 03:02 AM Details )

  • Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide with FlexBall technology responds to contours and gets almost any hair
  • Gillette men's razors with 5 anti-friction blades. A shave you barely feel
  • Men's razor with precision trimmer on the back – ideal for hard-to-reach areas and styling facial hair
  • Improved Lubrastrip with more lubricants (vs. Fusion5)
  • Micro comb that guides stubble to the blades

Product Description

Style:Handle + 1 Refill

The Gillette ProGlide Power men's shaver with FlexBall technology responds to your contours, giving you uncompromising proximity and comfort. This shaver has soothing battery-powered micro pulses that help you reduce friction, so the 5 anti-friction blades glide smoothly over your skin for a shave you barely feel. The blades are placed close together for incredible comfort with a precision trimmer on the back for hard-to-reach areas and to style your facial hair the way you want. The improved lubrastrip (vs. Fusion5) has more lubricants for comfort and glide. Soft microfins stretch and soften your skin, while a microcomb helps guide your hair for a close shave with our thinnest blades. A razor blade refill lasts up to a month of shaves. The ProGlide Power handle fits all Gillette 5-blade razor refills (excluding GilletteLabs).

What does the power do?

The force causes the blade head to vibrate in such a way that you don't feel any "pull force" at all. I won't be using a non 'power' razor after buying one of these. If I forget to turn on the vibration, I notice it right away (not so comfortable pulling the razor) and turn it on.

How do i chsnge battery? I can't open the end compartment to open the battery housing

Simply turn the bottom of your shaver handle counterclockwise to open the battery compartment. Discard the old battery and insert a new AAA+ side first. The first time you try to open the end compartment, it may be tight. If you still can't open it, call us (800) 445-5388. We are here to help.

How do I cancel ?

It is best to cancel all orders involving the Gillette company. Just go to your top Amazon page... click on "Orders" in the top right corner and a list of your recent orders will be displayed. Find your Gillette products and click 'Cancel'. If asked why, simply give your answer or say, "Subpar product and company."

Can I use this in the shower?


Is there a difference between the proglide and proshield in terms of the actual razor or are they both the same razor with different cartridges?

The same

Is a plastic storage tray included with the power razor shipping now, in late 2020?

Seriously... You worry about the tray to put the razor in IF it's plastic. I have some advice for you, shave, rinse and put on the sink.. I can tell you, I really love it. Don't worry about the little things!

Does this use the same cartridge as the Fusion 5 power?


does the handle come with the 12$ option ? i have refills I just need the handle.

This item comes with a razor, a handle & 1 Blade Refill

Does this razor ship with the storage tray?

Packaging may vary. Please contact the seller for more information.

It won't hold the blade. You hear clicking sound when blade goes in, but then it falls out while shaving. Why?

That is not normal with this shaver, so you may have a defective item. This is the best disposable razor I've ever owned and I've been using it for years with no issues. Hopefully the problem is with the blade and you just need to put in a new cartridge. Otherwise, you may want to return the item for a replacement. I hope this helps.