Gillette Fusion Power Mens Razor Cartridge Five-bladed Razor Refills, 8 Count Price: $23.99 (as of 17/11/2021 00:20 AM Details )

  • Refills match all Gillette five-blade razor handles (excluding GilletteLabs)
  • Gillette Fusion Electrical power razor blades characteristic innovative 5 A
  • Soft microfins aid to smooth and stretch skin in advance of the razor blades getting ready hairs to be lower. Guidelines: For optimum effectiveness, preserve your razor totally powered. Substitute the Duracell AAA battery just about every three-six months
  • Precision beard trimmer for difficult spots like sideburns, underneath the nose, and all over facial hair
  • Indicator lubrastrip that fades to white when you are no longer finding the optimum Gillette Fusion shave

Product Description

Fashion:8 Refills

Get the precision of a Gillette shave with comfort and design. The Gillette Fusion5 Energy razor blades characteristic 5 antifriction blades that are positioned closely with each other for amazing comfort and a shave you barely come to feel. These razor blades also characteristic an indicator lubrastrip which fades when you are no longer receiving an optimum shave. Soft microfins assist to smooth and stretch skin ahead of the blades getting ready hairs to be minimize. Use the precision trimmer on the back for tricky-to-attain spots and styling facial hair. Not certain if these blades will match your present razor deal with? All Gillette five-blade razor handles will match these Fusion5 Energy razor blades (excluding GilletteLabs).


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3.82 x 6.38 x 1.85 inches 0.48 Ounces







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How many blades will I need to get rid of my toxic masculinity?

Your level of testosterone varies over time. A normal range for a man is typically 300-1000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Any use of a Gillette product lowers your testosterone level by an undetermined amount. Regular testosterone testing is important if (1) you want to remain a man, and (2) you regularly use Gillette blades.

are these knock offs?

These are authentic waistcoat blades. Many years ago I spoke to Gillette customer service and they told me how to check whether the blades were authentic or not. On the back of the plastic that holds the blade, just below the piece that rotates, are code numbers, about 8 digits. Counter mechanics don't have the ability to put these little code numbers on the plastic, and in fact, who knows about this. The sheets shipped by Amazon have these code numbers.

Gillette's promotion of blades for a $1 @week, requires help with math. 1 blade @week equals 4 blades @month. I can get 4 blades for $4?

I find it really hard to believe that people can shave their entire face 31 times with a single blade. But that's not what Gillette claims. They say it lasts a month, but really they mean it lasts 8 to 10 shaves. For me I would have to trim my beard before shaving if I waited that long between uses. I would say that if you can grow a full beard 1 blade per week is what you can expect from these blades. That said, one week works better than any other disposable knife on the market. Gillette will never sell you 1 blade for $1 as long as they cost a dime to make.

Are these Pro Glide (Blue pkg) or just fusion (orange pkg) with an ad on the inside cover for proglide?

I'm quoting what Jeff F just said. These razors are NOT ProGlides, even though they advertised it as such. The package insert is just an advertisement to TRY the ProGlide. The order I just received are the original Fusion blades.

can you use these with mach 3 shaver?

I'm not sure, but I don't think Fusion blades are compatible with mach 3 razors.

Will these fit the original fusion?

Yes, they fit the original fusion.

How many of these products can fit in one garbage can?

How big is your trash can?

Are these “power” blades?

It's not that the blades themselves are powered, it's the handle that you have. With a button on the handle and a place to put a battery, the handle can vibrate quickly, making the shaving experience seem smoother.

Do these blades make you instantly woke?

Oh yes. My wife's friend strongly suggested I wake up. I don't want to make him angry. I will never buy Gillette again.

Are these real or knockoff as I see different packaging?

They are certainly real. While I've never seen this pack and think it was probably some kind of promotion, they're definitely the real deal. Have you ever seen those ads on Facebook where these blades are offered for free? I believe I saw pictures of this kind of packaging there.