Gentleman Jon 3.7 Ounce Alum Block in Plastic Case Price: $7.99 (as of 14/11/2021 11:45 AM Details )

  • LARGE 3.7 ounce (105 gram) alum block – NEW, EVEN LARGER SIZE!
  • Durable plastic case for clean storage and simple travel
  • Lasts for months if now not YEARS with day-to-day use! Feel and appear like a Gentleman for not up to the competition
  • DON\’T PAY MORE ELSEWHERE! No different emblem provides this massive of a block, with a plastic case, for this low of a value!

Where is the Alum sourced from, and here is the block made?

Made in China. It is a poor quality block of alum. I threw it away and bought an Osma alum block which is made in France.

does this help prevent shaving bumps from ingrown hair ???

Hi Anthony: Yes, this is one of the main benefits of the alum block. The astringent properties not only stop bleeding, but for many people it will attenuate the irritations caused by razor bumps or razor burns.

Is it recommended to use this product without an aftershave? If not, should this product be used and allowed to dry before the aftershave is applied?

Yes, no aftershave. Dampen the block and apply it on a damp face. After 2-3 minutes, get up and pat dry. Apply a quality aftershave balm like Edwin Jagger's. I have followed this procedure for about a year without any facial alteration, even after a close shave with a razor.

Does anyone use this with witch hazel? How is the combination?

It has antiseptic properties and can be used in place of witch hazel. It stops any nicks or cuts when it bleeds and prevents burning if you get too close. I use it daily with a razor or DE. Hope this helps.

Can this be used on other parts of the body? Could a woman use it for her legs?

It would certainly prevent minor cuts and scrapes from bleeding after shaving your legs. I've also heard some women use it after shaving their armpits as a form of antiperspirant.

Is this ammonium alum or Potassium Alum?

In the Important Information section it says; "Ingredients: 100% potassium alum".

Is this product helpful at all for electric razors?

Helps treat irritation caused by shaving and minor cuts. If you experience one or both, this alum block will help you.

Is the case plastic hinged or has separate top/bottom parts?

The case has separate parts so you don't worry about the hinges breaking. The product is very effective in treating burrs and razor cuts.

need 1 kg block of alum

Buy small block lots.

Are there any health concerns using the product on the skin after shaving?

Not that I know. Alum is a collection of minerals from Europe that is used to treat small skin abrasions. It is an antiseptic and helps in blood homeostasis. It has also been used by the Egyptians for 4000 years.