Gbuild Electric Razor for Men,shavers for Men Electric Razor Wet Dry,rechargeable Mens Shaver Electric Foil Price: $29.99 (as of 25/11/2021 00:04 AM Details )

  • 💈【Close shave, clean and gentle】With the electric shaver for men, you can give yourself a close, close shave at any time of the day or night. Floating veneer system, easy to shave different angles of the face, all around clean facial residue, deep shave, clean and soft. Also, the electric shaver can protect your skin by adapting to the contours of your face. The razors for men allow you to shave whenever you want. You no longer have to wait until after a long day at work to shave off your stubble.
  • 💈【Dry/Wet Shave, Close and Comfortable】The men's shavers equipped with wet/dry technology experience the convenience dry shave or with gel or foam for extra skin comfort. Smooth blade and no thorn edges, for a clean and comfortable experience. 5W high power electric shaver, strong power, durable and easy to use. However, electric shaver for men makes everyday shaving easier.
  • 💈【USB charging, LED display】The electric shaver for men takes about 2 hours to fully charge and the battery life is 90 minutes. Long battery life and durable. The razors for men support plug and shave, very easy and convenient. This electric shaver has a USB charging system, you can charge it anywhere you have a USB port (such as the car, computer, wall cube, etc.), ensuring an energy-efficient shaving experience. The LED screen is a bonus.
  • 💈【IPX7 Waterproof, easy to clean】The whole electric shaver for men is waterproof according to IPX7, support washing the whole body, easy and convenient. The men's shaving head opens as soon as it is touched, allowing the head, storage tray and body to be washed directly under water. Note: The hair remains become powder after shaving. Clean the hair residue regularly to prevent leakage. If the electric shaver is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the use effect and the life of the shaver.
  • 💈【Built-in precision trimmer, no notches】This electric shaver for men is both efficient and comfortable because the hypoallergenic blades glide smoothly through the her. Make it incredibly easy to shave without irritating the skin. This electric shaver will not cause cuts, nicks or razor burns. And men's razors with built-in precision trimmers, you can create a perfect stubble look or easily shave all the last hairs on your face and neck. It is the best gift for family and partners.

Product Description

Color:Mens Razor Electric

🎏Warm Reminder:
NOT including transformer/adapter/charger.

🎏 you probably have a lot of vacationers to use. That's where the cordless, waterproof electric shaver for men comes in handy. It gives you a close, comfortable shave whenever and wherever you want.

🎏Dry and wet shaving
The electric shaver for men can be used for a comfortable dry shave and a refreshing wet shave. Deeply waterproof and easy to wash thoroughly.

🎏Close shaving
Can get a close shave every time as it has floating heads that mold to all the curves of the face. Ultra-thin blade net to reduce scraping and pulling on the back.

🎏Fast charging and durable
The super-fast magnetic levitation motor has a super power of about 5W, providing a clean and fast shaving experience. A single charge can meet the needs of a month.

🎏Eeasy to clean
The body of men's razors is washed all over with water, and the charging port is waterproof, which is considerate and safer. The detachable cutting head can be removed by pressing both sides at the same time. Rinse and clean under the tap and then dry, ready to use.

🎏Pop-up sideburns
With a light pressure, the sideburns can pop out, which is convenient and convenient, and it is easy to create sideburns and beard hairstyles.
1N400I 🎏HUUZ HUUZ information about the electric shaver:

Charging time: 120 mins
Shaving time per charge: 90 mins
🛀Waterproof: IPX7
🛀Battery: Li-ion battery
🛀Rated power1 How to useN00I adapter/charger)

🎏Packaging Include:
🎉1 * Electric Shaver
1 *USB Charging Cable (Included) Brush Clean
🎉1 * User Manual

Additional information

Package Dimensions

7.83 x 3.78 x 2.2 inches 10.97 Ounces





Do i need to run the battery of mens electric razor completely down?

While it's best to run it down to zero for battery life, you can recharge the electric shaver when it's down to about 20%. It only takes about 2 hours for a full charge.

Does this mens electric razor shave cleanly?

yes i have stopped shaving with a blade because it irritates my skin and i have tried many shavers but never got the feeling of a clean shave like i have with this electric razor i recommend it 100%

Does this electric shaver give a super close shave?

Yes it does for me, I have a heavy/dense beard but this men's electric shaver gives us a very close shave. Also have a long standby time.

Can I use a brush to clean the blades of mens electric razor?

Yes, I use a toothbrush to clean the blades after every shave. The brushing keeps my electric razor sharp and ready for my next shave.