Feather Fhs-10 Single Edge Razor Blades (30 Count) With Blade Recycling Bank | Hi-stainless Carbon

  • Contains 6 packs of 10 FHS-10 razor blades (60 in total)
  • Hi stainless steel, platinum and PTFE coating
  • compatible with OneBlade Razor (GENESIS and CORE models)
  • Ultra-sharp yet super comfortable and durable (0.23mm thickness)
  • Made by Feather of Japan

Amazon.com Price: $29.00 (as of 12/01/2022 09:40 AM Details )
Package Dimensions

5.87 x 3.03 x 1.42 inches 2.4 Ounces



What razors do these blades fit besides one blade?

They ought to likewise fit vintage AutoStrop razors.

How sharp are those razors? I've tried other similar razors and they just scratched my skin off.

The is the sharpest blades I ever had as well as function well with my razor.

Does they fit gem vintage razors? or new one blade only?

Hi, I am not certain, but I do not think that the FHS blade will certainly benefit from this application. They will certainly operate in antique Autostrop razors.

What razor do you use with those ?

The Feather FHS-10 blades are compatible with the OneBlade line of razors (CORE and GENESIS) as well as the vintage Valet Auto Strop Razor.

What is Hi-carbon stainless mean? Are they high chromium (stainless steel), or high carbon (regular steel)?

High carbon stainless-steel" is largely an advertising term that means nearly absolutely nothing. ... The pros of high carbon steel is they are much tougher and sharper than stainless steel. Making stainless needs including 12% or a lot more chromium. The included chromium in the stainless-steel suggests much less carbon. Extra carbon = added hardness.

I have an old star(gem type) and a valet auto strop, will these blades work in either of these razors?

Hey Alan - These blades will certainly operate in the Valet Auto Strop but not your Gem design razor

Will this blades fit "Supply" razor?

I do not think these will fit the Supply razor. The Supply razor utilizes an injector blade that is a little bit shorter than these Feather blades.

Will these fit with Parker razors?

No, these will certainly not fit Parker Razors.