Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series – Barber Hair Cutting and Thinning/texturizing Scissors/shears Set – 6.5

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  • Premium Value Set – These specialized high quality Japanese stainless steel scissors for cutting and thinning hair are tempered with precision cutting/thinning blades and hand-sharpened cutting/thinning edges to evenly trim and texturize hair with ease. stylish look. You'll never need cutting or thinning scissors again!
  • Ergonomic – Our Equinox Professional Razor Edge Hair Cutting/Thinning Scissor Set is also great for salon workers, hairdressers and personal use! The signature easy-grip design on each scissor allows the scissors to rock fingers for a confident haircut every time!
  • Versatile – Measuring < >.< > inches each, the professional razor/hair thinning scissors are safe and easy to use for men, women, the elderly, children and babies! With a sleek stainless steel texture, our scissors reduce messy hair as no hair gets between the cutting and thinning blades, unlike other cutting and thinning scissors on the market.
  • Convenience – Weighing only < >.< > grams each, anyone can handle this Equinox Professional Razor Edge Hair Cutting/Thinning Scisss with ease! Equipped with a gold-tone tension and adjusting screw in each, you can effortlessly tune these scissors to your desire of tension and tightness.
  • Note – All Razor Edge Series professional scissors are vacuum packed in a plastic housing and coated with lubricating oil. Before using for the first time, wash with mild soap and lukewarm water and then dry with a soft cloth.

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Product Dimensions

8 x 2 x 1 inches 6 Ounces


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Are they really Japanese Stainless Steel?

If the < . is >, it's stainless. It is generally considered a low quality steel for blades, but actually very stainless. There are a number of companies that make great knives from < > so anything is possible. Shape and tempering affect quality as much as type. < > is actually used in diving knives because of its resistance to rust. Buck makes knives from < > which are considered excellent by enthusiasts. It's really a complex topic.

Is this made in USA?

Not made in China sorry to say.

My husband has very large hands. how can i determine if his fingers will fit into the openings? is there a measurement somewhere (a standard)? thanks.

My wife, who has normal sized hands, noticed that the holes were slightly smaller than with our old scissors. Given that, I doubt these would work for your husband.

Are these forged?

I just saw your question and since it's a year later... you'll probably never see the answer. I believe that if they were made in a forge, the price would be incredibly higher than what it is being sold for. Forging is hard work. I would think that would be a boastful point that would not be omitted from the description. They are usually cast and pressed; however, that doesn't mean they aren't an excellent pair (or single) pair of scissors. Please forgive any typos or bad auto-corrections in advance, add us at 3:45 AM and I didn't sleep. dance.

country of manufactured origin

I'm sorry I can't answer your question. I threw away the packaging and there is no country of origin on the scissors.

Do they come with a case

I bought a separate pair of these scissors and they didn't come with a case. They came in a blister pack so they were well protected but nothing reusable.

Does come with a case

No, there is no case included.

Manufacturer warranty?

I don't think so....I've used mine a lot and they are still AMAZING and sharp....I wouldn't drop them or

Can these be separated and sharpened?

I have the maybe < > years and still no need to sharpen

Where are the shears made?

I just checked, but there's nothing on the scissors or bag.