Curved and Rounded Facial Hair Scissors for Men – Mustache, Nose Hair & Beard Trimming Price: $8.99 (as of 25/11/2021 23:30 PM Details )

  • S Sharp cutting edges with rounded and curved tips that provide accuracy and can help trim small parts such as nose hair, ear hair, mustache and so on
  • R

  • Ergonomic design with handle makes it easy and comfortable to use; an excellent pair of scissors to travel with
  • eprecise and sturdy, with full sharp edge contact, produced with surgical grade stainless steel that prevents rust and stains
  • EEssential for meeting multiple cutting needs
  • EEffectively preserved by wiping with a delicate, dry material and storing in the closed position when not in use; an excellent value

Can i use for nails?

I wouldn't use them for nails.

How long are these?

Each is approximately 6 inches long

the product pics show straight scissors - are they curved? Looks like only one is round tipped?

The sharp ones are bent up *AND VERY SHARP.* It's hard to see they're bent in the photo. The round pointed ones are straight.

Can these be used by a left handed person?

Yes, I just tried cutting them left handed and they cut quite nicely. These are really nice scissors.

Where is it made in?

I have no idea. We bought the set about a month ago and have since thrown away the packaging. The scissors are both great! Glad we bought them.

I never received the nose hair trimmer was I delivered to a holding facility in West Sacramento?

Call the post office and give them your tracking number. If you do not receive the scissors within a reasonable time, please contact Amazon for a refund.

No "stainless" label. Are they stainless steel?

Yes, they are stainless steel.

What country are these made in?

Not sure, as not marked, but they are high quality cutting tools, probably made in Germany or Japan

Why do I get different answers to the question - Where are these made?

i believe it is china

Does it trim pubic hair real good?

It will trim any human hair really well.