Conairman Even Cut Cordless Rotary Hair Clipper Price: $38.20 (as of 12/11/2021 03:21 AM Details )

  • Home Haircut Kit: Create professional short styles at home; Ultra sharp circular blades cut in any direction to deliver precise, secure results, and the original lock in guide combs make it inconceivable to shift lengths mid cut
  • Everything But The Barber: This haircut kit features cord/cordless rechargeable operation, 2 adjustable guide combs, 5 cutting lengths, and features a storage pouch, barber comb, oil, scissors and neck brush. Never place the clipper under running water
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Product Description


Get versatility and convenience all-in-one! Skip the barber and care for your short one-length haircut at home with professional results.

The Conair Professional Cord/Cordless Even Cut Rotary Haircut Cutting System is designed to cut hair a 1/2-inch or less in any direction making it the very best do-it-yourself haircut clipper for short even-cut styles.

Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades deliver precise, secure results each time. Just gently drive the clipper across all your head in addition to in a circular motion and it does the rest. Two adjustable and unique lock-in comb guides make it unimaginable to shift lengths mid-cut and make cutting a foolproof operation, turning out an even cut each time.

The unique patent-pending rotary cutting system and surround comb of this haircut kit also includes 5 total cutting lengths for styling versatility, allowing you to create hair styles of all types. This men’s haircut kit includes haircut accessories: a barber comb and scissors so you’ll be able to detail and finish your hair exactly the way you adore it.

Use the optional power cord to charge and recharge (you’ll be able to also use the clipper plugged in) or unplug once charged to use on-the-go for versatile and powerful long-lasting cutting!

Keep your haircut set working effectively and efficiently with included oil lubricant and cleaning brush. Also includes a storage pouch for simple portability.

The Conair Professional Cord/Cordless Even Cut Rotary Haircut Cutting System is the easy way to care for a short even haircut.



I don't know if it works with 220v, but I want to tell you not to waste your time. It's a good idea, but the sux. It takes A LOT longer to cut hair with it than with a normal trimmer.

Does it have a lithium ion battery?

I don't know what kind of battery technology it uses. However, I really tried to get it to work fine for me, and it didn't work at all. No matter how many different ways I tried to move the cutter, it always failed at many points and didn't really work.

Does this cordless hair trimmer come with the additional battery powered sideburn/ear trimmer in the box?

Thanks for your question. The Conair Even Cut rotary haircut system does NOT include an ear / sideburner clipper.

How long do the batteries last?

More than two hours of continuous use after fully charged. Most haircuts last less than 30 minutes. So you have enough battery power to get through each cutting session.

Can it cut to near bald like five o'clock shadow?

he cuts my hair close, like a tomboy. For the 5 o'clock shadow look, I use a norelco triple head.

where are the oil slots?

You put the oil on the blades, you put 5 drops. Then you turn on the slicer and let it run for a few seconds to distribute the oil.

Will this cutter allow a person to leave there hair on top to about a inch in length?

Thanks for your question. The Conair Even Cut rotary haircut system includes 2 adjustable guides providing 4 cut lengths: CUTTING LENGTH GRADE # 1 - 1/8 "# 2 - 1/4" # 3 - 3/8 "# 4 - 1/2 "

Does the hair get collected, or does it fall freely?

Hair accumulates in the machine as long as you keep the clipper close to your head. Tilt your head and move the clipper away from your head so that the hair does not fall to the ground. Although I do not recommend it. The human head is rounder in some places and flatter in others. The round parts of its head protrude from the device closer to the rotating blade. The result is a decidedly uneven haircut, especially on the round top / back of the head where many men go bald.

Do you sell the old double sided razor blades that fit into the old razor?

For years I used a double-edged Wilkenson Sword. stainless steel blades are still available.

could not get to barber my hair is long can i start with long lenth and change setings to desired lenth

Yes, you can. But keep in mind that the three different length scales are similar and the difference is small. This machine works only on short hairstyles and not on people with long hair. Another thing to keep in mind is that it cuts the hair evenly (one length)