Conair Hlm10 Hot Lather Machine Price: $175.62 (as of 24/11/2021 01:21 AM Details )

  • Hot shaving foam machine
  • Heats and disperses foam from a standard can
  • One-handed operation
  • On/Ready Indicators

Product Description

Hot foam softens the beard so your whiskers can be shaved close with less irritation. The Conair Hot Lather Machine is designed for easy one-handed use. It heats up in about 1 minutes and works with standard-sized or large-sized shaving cream cans (the patent-pending base plate adjusts for an easy fit). shaving brushes. Shake your can of shaving cream, slide it into this 9-inch-tall unit, and a minute later, the pre-warmed foam will dispense directly into your hand. The warm lather feels better against your skin and softens the hair for a closer, closer shave. It works with most standard-sized (11- or 14.75-ounce) foam cans, but is not intended for use with shaving gel. –Richard Farr

Does it get hot or just warm? And how hot?

The older HLM10s did get a bit warm, but it seems the newer ones would just warm up. When I bought one over 25 years ago, they were either $20.00 or $25.00, but now I've seen them online for over $100.00. Talk about bragging!!!!

What is the right brand of cream to use?

Keith- I've had no problems with Foamy or Barbasol.--djk

Does it shut off automatically

does not turn off automatically

Can I use this product with shampoo or conditioner?

I wouldn't think so. The unit is designed to accommodate a shaving foam canister without a nozzle. I am not aware of any shampoo or conditioners that come in such a container!

Do you have to take the can out to shake it each time you use it?

No, just shake the whole device a few times. FYI, this item cost about $15 when they hit store shelves. I bought one a few months ago for $35. I like it a lot; it's the fourth I've had (they don't last forever). But a shave is a shave.

Do you have the Gillette Hot One shaving cream

No, this product does not come with the cream. It is sold separately on Amazon

Someone says this outrageous price is due to 'supply & demand' (they're identical!), that's not a smart answer. why?

I paid $13 a few years ago. 98, $200 is ridiculous

What makes this unit more than 4 times the price of the $30 model Conair model?

I remember the exact same item being sold at both Walmart and Walgreens for $19.99 or $24.99; however, that was many years ago (early 1990s). I've owned a few of these exact same machines and some have worked better than others. However, it is "in no way" worth 4 times its original price. I don't know why the Conair company stopped making this particular model. It worked reasonably well.

Do you have to remove the shave cream and shake it every time before use ? If so that seames like a lot of work just to have a hot shave.???

Not sure if you have to remove the can and shake it every time; however, it might not be a bad idea. Speaking of the Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine, do you know why Conair stopped making it? I had one that did quite well. I haven't seen one on the shelves of Walmart or Walgreens in about 25 years. At the time, they were priced around $19.99 or $24.99. Now I've seen them sell online for $100, LR2 MB and more. Talk about gouging the people.

how do i order the cans of shaving cream?

You can use regular cans of shaving cream. Simply remove the small, usually white, spray cap from the can and place the can in the Conair device.