Conair Hgl1nr/hgl1r Conair Gel and Lather Heating System Price: $99.99 (as of 24/11/2021 01:40 AM Details )

  • Hot gel and foam provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave
  • Variable temperature control maintains the consistency of the gel

Product Description

Color:Black & Silver

The Conair Gel and Lather heating system instantly heats your favorite shaving gel or foam for a close, close and comfortable shave. The variable temperature control maintains the consistency of the gel and features a ready indicator light. The gel nozzle dispenses easily. Hot foam not only gives you one of the smoothest, most comfortable shaves you've ever had, but also one of the best. Hot foam softens whiskers so there's less irritation during a close shave, less tugging and pulling, just a close, close comfortable shave.

My boyfriend uses a skinny can of shaving cream...will it fit in here?

yes, that black bus is mainly for looks. The top gray part fits on the can of shaving cream after you remove the plastic pressing gadget from the original shaving cream. So I don't even use the black bus, I just have the gray part on top of the actual bus.

What temperature does this heat the shaving cream to?

My husband has been using this 10 for months and is satisfied. He states that shaving gel is warm (not hot). He wouldn't mind if it's warmer, but it's much better than cold straight from the can.

Can I return this product, it doesn't heat the lather.

Yes, you can return this product. However, they will charge you $5. Mine stopped working after 2 weeks. I do not recommend this product. I just threw the device away.

Do you have international shipping meaning to México?

Hello, when you place your order with us, yes, we ship to Mexico. Thanks for writing :)

The lather comes out rather runny and not too hot. Any ideas?

Shake the machine before turning it on. That may be one reason why the foam liquefies, if it doesn't. As for the heat. About the best I've been able to get out of it is warm.

Do you have to buy their shaving cream or can you use any?

I have two cans of shaving cream of different sizes, both are Old Spice. One is an 11 0z can, the other is 6 Oz. Will ether work or will none of them work in the dispenser?

They say any type of pressurized cream will work, but all the ordinary shave creams will not fit in such a narrow cannister. What am I missing?

The width of the bus is not a problem. I have yet to find a can that is too wide to fit BUT the top has to be the kind with a post that sticks out when the knob/cap is removed. Nivea shaving gels do not have compatible tops.

how does it heat up ? do you have to plug it in ?

Plugs into a regular 110 outlet.

What brands of cream or gel are recommended for use with this product?

I do not use Nivea Gel' Can for any other brand.

Will this work with barbasol cans?

Yes, this dispenser works with any standard sized shaving cream sold in the US.