Cleret Ido Shower Squeegee With Dual Wiping Edge • Made in Usa Price: $9.99 (as of 23/11/2021 15:01 PM Details )

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  • Double (2) 12″ wiper edges for more efficient cleaning
  • Unlike HEAVY steel squeegees, which, if dropped, can injure your foot or damage the floor, the iDO weighs only 3.9 oz.
  • Supercool Does not need to be hidden after use

Product Description

In 1989, Cleret, Inc. created the world's first “shower” wiper. It was promptly hailed as one of the best new products of the year and selected for inclusion in the highly prestigious Smithsonian's Permanent Design Collection. With an emphasis on design, function and quality, Cleret squeegees have become the standard by which ALL others are measured. The Cleret IDO 2 shower squeegee is simply the result of what consumers have told Cleret they wanted a squeegee… functionality, ease of use, style, quality and most importantly LIGHT WEIGHT. Heavy squeegees if dropped can injure a foot or damage a shower floor. The DO 2 has dual wiper blades to get every drop on the first swipe. Unlike most wipers, which are only effective on flat surfaces, the iDO 2's super-flexible wipers also work well on contoured surfaces. Used after bathing, it is the perfect tool to prevent unsightly and unsanitary water stains in the bath. Its use does not have to be limited to the bath, use it to clean any glass surface, e.g. windows, patio doors, etc. NOTE: When opening the packaging, the wall hanger is cleverly wrapped around the “squeegee” handle and can be easily missed. In addition, we have chosen not to use a suction cup for a holder. We have not found one that has good adhesive strength.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

12 x 7 x 2 inches

Item Weight

4 ounces



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Made in USA

How often might I expect to replace the blades (or the whole squeegee, given some of e reviews) if used daily by 2 people?

We seem to be getting just under 2 years per sheet. This is used daily on a ~9x5 shower cubicle with glass or solid walls.

I'd like to order replacement blades, 12" and in aqua. Did not see that option at any site. Where can I order the replacements?

2021: I just ordered 8 twelve inch replacement blades, in aqua, for $22 including shipping. They had all the knives in stock. Things have changed since 2015 :)

I purchased this a while back when it did not come with an extra blade. now i cannot find the blade only on amazon. is there a link?

We are currently setting up replacement blades on Amazon. Have to go through some red tape first! Hopefully we'll have them available after the first of the year.

The only 'replaceable blades' I saw were about twice as much as the whole squeigee. What's the point of having a replaceable blade.

The cost is $2 per blade + $4 for shipping. If you buy directly from Cleret, they reduce shipping costs to $4 at the time of shipment. Most people buy 2 or 3 at the same time

Is the squeegee silicone? Or is it rubber?

Handle is plastic and I believe the wiper part is rubber.

Do they sell a nonugly version?

I am really a fan of this brand. It's non-marking, simple and cheap. The double blade is also a good idea.

I don't see any replaceable 12' blades for the iDO cleret squeegie or any answers to this question. Are replacement blades available?

Not that I know.

how are you supposed to store this? There's no hole for hanging; it looks like it'll be unstable if you stand it on its end.

The holder was useless, so I drilled a hole in the end of the handle and put a screw eye in it and hung it on a hook in my shower. It's a great eraser, except for the useless holder.

Replaced my Cleret with new cleret. The blade is more flimsy and different material. Does cleret sell the white blade vs the new grey model?

I have the same question but can't figure it out

Still no available replacement blades?

Replacement blades are available are not yet available on Amazon. We are working on installing them on the Amazon website. Currently, they are available directly from the manufacturer. Hope this information helps.