Ceenwes Cool 5 in 1 mens Grooming Kit Professional Beard Trimmer Rechargeable Hair Clippers Multi-purpose Mustache Price:  $15.99 (as of 18/11/2021 02:30 AM Details )


  • 【5 IN < > MULTI-PURPOSE】The men's grooming kit gives you the power of precision with complete versatility for all your grooming needs. The kit includes: a beard trimmer, designer trimmer, hair clipper, nose and body trimmer; Five-in-one trimmer for beard, head, body and facial hair styling: < > pieces for all your grooming needs. Let you achieve your best grooming style and authentic look. 9dqtP
  • 【DURABLE & HEALTH】Designed for a cleaner grooming experience, this body groomer trimmer offers maximum versatility for the exact style you want. The trimmer's hardened steel blades will never break, dull or corrode and the guards are reinforced to prevent bending or kinking while trimming. 9dqtP
  • 【WATERPROOF 】Knives and protective caps are easy to detach and rinse. For hair type: all hair types fully washable design. For best results, let the beard trimmer set dry naturally and do not put the entire motor housing in the water. All attachments are washable. 9dqtP
  • LOW VIBRATION & LOW NOISE Men's grooming kit mute function and skin-friendly haircut kit is suitable for hair salon and home use. Beard trimmer with precision motor, low vibration and ultra-quiet design, free from working noise with only about < > db. 9dqtP
  • 【PROFESSIONAL】Professional beard trimmer is the best gift for men. Remove unwanted nose and ear hair to make you feel easy and comfortable.
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    Additional information

    Package Dimensions

    8.4 x 6.4 x 3.5 inches 1.4 Pounds


    1 AA batteries required. included





    any hair pulling at all?

    no, normally this wouldn't happen. Clean the blade head after use with a brush or running water

    I read in the discription this trimmer needed 1 aa battery, what is the battery for if the trimmer is rechargeable?

    it is a rechargeable trimmer

    Is item waterproof or water-resistant? box claims it’s waterproof however my recent experience proves that it’s not. waterproof isn’t water-resistant!

    I'm not sure if something like that needs to be completely waterproof... We don't use it submerged in a bath or anything, but we rinsed it off a little bit and it was fine. What was your experience with it exactly?

    Can it trim body hair?

    Yes, that's possible

    It appears the battery comes with the unit. but in the future if it needs replaced -- what kind of battery does it take and is it replacable? tks

    The battery is built-in. Just like your toothbrush. When the "charging light" lights up: you plug the cord into the device and into the socket. When it is charged, the device light will illuminate and unplug the power cord.

    I had some hair clippers I paid for and I never received them but never received the money I'd like to know why cuz it was like 70 $80 and you want me

    sorry you have to contact the shipping company

    Is it quiet ?

    Low vibration * low noise

    How long does the battery run?

    I use it about < > minutes every other day and it takes about < > weeks.

    How can i get a replacement 9mm comb?

    You will need to contact the manufacturer. I have < > other brands and the attachments are never the same. You have booklet with the set and contact details are in it.

    What is the best attachment for eyebrow trimming ? And can one trim while it is charging ?

    It's best to send these questions to the company because I don't want to lie to you and tell you something I don't know the answer to.