Campbell’s Latherking Next Generation Hot Lather Machine, Professional Hot Lather Machines for Shaving, Barber Shop Price: $205 (as of 24/11/2021 02:21 AM Details )

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  • Produces thick, hot foam
  • IEnclosed universal motor
  • Waterproof heater
  • IIncludes 1 12oz bottle of Campbell's Pre-Mixed Shave CreamJOSFMYHGENX6 year warranty

Product Description

De LatherKing Next Generation Hot Lather Machine is a trusted device for barber shops who want to give their customers the best shaving experience. The Next Generation model is made with a convenient one-handed activation feature that delivers an instant stream of thick, super-wet hot foam. An enclosed universal motor, watertight heater and superior valve system that promotes better foam flow to reduce clogging are just some of the design features that make this machine a reliable investment for any professional. A 30 gram bottle of Campbell's Pre-Mixed Shave Cream is included with your LatherKing to get you off to a good start.

A An industry icon for over 50 years, Campbell has innovated the original LatherKing and the products that support it. Best. Only the use of Campbell's Liquid Shave Cream and Campbell's LatherKing Cleaner is recommended. Always use distilled or purified water, never hard water, to achieve good service results. For a good mixture, gently shake the bottle of Campbell's Liquid Shave Cream until completely mixed. Mix 4 ounces (1/2 bottle) Campbell's Liquid Shave Cream and 2 ounces (1/4 bottle) Campbell's LatherKing Cleaner with 1 gallon of distilled or purified water. Make sure all concentrate is completely mixed with water. Foaming is normal. Solution can be made without Campbell's LatherKing Cleaner for a thicker lather. To keep your machine running at peak performance, follow the cleaning instructions and recommended maintenance listed in the manual. The dimensions of this item are 7.25″ L x 10.5″ W x 7.5″ H. This machine is warranted for 1 year under the terms defined in the user manual.

In 2015, The Stephan Co. redesigned the LatherKing and the “Next Generation” model became the new industry standard. The LatherKing technology, proudly made in the USA, has evolved, but our consistent quality means our products stay in our customers' stores for decades.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

10 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches 4.6 Pounds

Date First Available

February 1, 2016



How much cream to water proportion

The bottle explains the dilution rations. I believe it's half a bottle (2oz) per gallon of DISTILLED water. If it's too thin for your taste, add a little more to the gallon. Good luck.

I have problems with shaving cream delivery from my machines. My campbell's shaving cream is more than one year old.?need newer cream?

Is the engine still running? If it still comes on, try pouring hot water with the cleaning solution. Then turn on the machine. Hope it helps.

Is this dispenser meant for once a day shavers? Also, do I just leave it on continually so as not to have to wait for it to heat up?

No, this is for professional use. It takes about 30 minutes to heat up and you need to stir the contents to mix them again. I am a hairdresser and I leave it on for my 4 working days and turn it off for the weekend. You should also mix your own foam, which I do by the liter to make sure it's consistent. You should also clean it every two weeks to keep the line clean.

Does the model sold on Amazon include the new and improved valve system?

I think it includes the new valve system. This is a fantastic foamer compared to other more expensive ones I've had. It's been working for a few months now and the same model my professional salon uses. worth the money

Can you please get me in touch with somebody? I'm having nothing but issues with this lather machine.

Contact foam king directly and return it to them. These new machines are waste. I gave up mine and went to a hot water dispenser, shaver head and brush. Good luck with that.

alpmasters and they all leak and or the heat element dies. I am looking for a better machine for my barbershops. What is your warrany policy?

We have an A to Z through Amazon for 90 days. The manufacturer will give you a full year if purchased through an authorized dealer and we are authorized.

how long to heat up to temperature?

Hi Paul - After you fill it with the correct mixture it takes about 30 minutes to get up to temperature and then you just leave it on.

What's voltage is it

120 Volt

what is the warranty

The warranty is one year from date of purchase with proof of purchase, one year from date of manufacture without proof of purchase. You must send it prepaid to the factory in Ohio. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of parts, negligence or misuse, incorrect voltage, use of hard water, or use of any product other than Campbell's Liquid Shave Cream.

How can I getting work on 240 volts, is it possible thanks

This foaming device is 115 Volt and has a US plug. It is not recommended for use in 240 Volts.