Bro Shaver Gorilla Warfare: Special Forces Edition Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver, (Extra Razors Price: $42.99 (as of 25/11/2021 01:11 AM Details )

  • Check your six. It's gorilla warfare back shave in camo olive drab.
  • Shave wet or dry with the patented ComfyCloud technology that allows easy and comfortable shaving of your back
  • TZNRRTNo ripoff refill! Uses standard double-sided safety razors for penny refills. Compare with expensive backBladed razor refills that hide glued safety razors in plastic case

  • Industrial range with a full length of 20 inches. 4.5″ shaving width
  • Including 15 razors that are enough for changing new 10 blades. Lifetime Warranty and 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Designed by an American company with more than 15 years of experience, numerous patents and know-how for making back hair shavers.

Additional information

Package Dimensions

22.72 x 7.24 x 2.64 inches 8.11 Ounces

Date First Available

March 21, 2019


Bro Shaver

I would like to see a video of this product, how effective it is shaving someone's back.

Watch this Bro Shaver demonstration video on Instagram -- Thanks for your question, MieshaNinjaGizmos Support Team

Was looking @ bakblade. does this shave dry? can it wet shave? what is it designed for, and what are people finding works best? thanks!

Both products use 3 DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZORS. Bakblade uses a holder with glued blades in it that you throw away if the blades are blunt. While the Bro Shaver uses all standard double edge razors. You can get 100 Gillette Made Astra Blades from Amazon for the same price as 3 replacement baking blades! And you can flip those blades in the Bro Shaver to use the other side! The Bro Shaver is a great value! The Bro Shaver is also longer than the Bakblade. The Bro Shaver has more shoulder clearance (see product images above) than Bakblade. Yes, you can shave dry or wet. See product comparison images above in the product description. Use it dry after showering when the skin has absorbed water and the back skin is clean. Or use while showering or bathing. Foam on soap or shaving cream, it can't hurt. The ventilation on the shaver prevents clogging in the shower. If it's a small spot, do it on the go, it's fast. Watch Bro Shaver's shaving videos on Instagram and YouTube. MieshaNinjaGizmos Support

How many back shaves can I expect with the double edge "DE" blades?

Everyone is a little different. Anywhere from 1-4 shaves. We have included enough blades for changing new 10 blades. So that's 10-40 shaves included out of the box.

is it difficult to not cut up back while shaving?

It is very easy to use, I had no problems and did not cut my back. Unless you move it horizontally, which you shouldn't do with a razor anyway, you won't cut your back.

After I use up the two dozen razor blades included which brands of double edge razors do you recommend I get?

From the website: Once you're done with all the razors we provide. You can choose the razor that is suitable for your body type. Use any brand of double-sided safety razor you prefer. For Pro Bros: Feather (Japan), blades are considered the best in terms of sharpness (100 on Amazon for $24). For Comfort Brahs: Astra (100 on Amazon for $12). Not picky? 100 Dorcos for $7 on Amazon. Also available: for comfort Merkur (Germany), Wilkinsons (100 about $17), Derbys (100 for $9).

Was the girl on all fours in the white snake video?

LOL, that's Bianca is a fitness model. I don't think she was born when that video came out.

How many shaves do you get before changing Astra blades?

I usually get 6-8 good shaves per the blades are two sided just flip them I guess the answer is 12 for 16...that's way more than the expensive BAK razor that I have used...

Any q's on the much anticipated new comfy cloud shaving system that now ships (9/6/2017) that is crazy comfortable with no chance of razor burn/nicks?

Comfy Cloud delivers. This can't go wrong.

Do you like this better than Mangroomer?

Yes, better results and cheaper for replacement blades. The quality of mangroomer has declined over the years, the blades are of lower quality and more expensive to replace.

I'm looking for quick one stroke hair off without a hassle, ecnomoical and best deal. What's the best solution this or the backblade?

Both products use double-sided safety blades as cutting mechanism. The Bro Shaver is great. A Bro does not sell expensive refills from a Bro. Bro refills are cheap, 100 high-end Astras cost $11 on Amazon — and you can flip them. So you really get 200 blades for $11 and you can use any double-sided (DE) blade. Bakblade has DE blades in a cartridge and charges $11.95 for 3!!200 vs. 3 is a no-brainerWho else is done with expensive razor refills? As Dollar Shaver Club says, "Shave Time. Shave Money." The Bro Shaver is LONGER than Bakblade. The Bro has stainless steel components and should last a lifetime. Sensitive skin? Because you can use all standard double-sided safety blades or DE blades with the Bro Shaver, you can choose super comfortable razors (Max/Astra/Dorco) or super sharp razors (Feather). Read the reviews. Guys love the Bro Shaver.MieshaNinjaGizmos support