Braun Electric Razor for Men Pop-up Precision Beard Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver Price:  $189.94 (as of 22/11/2021 02:32 AM Details )

  • 's most efficient electric shaver in the world. Efficient, smooth and gentle, for a flawless shave
  • BBest efficiency: 5 shaving elements get more hair in one stroke than any other shaver
  • Best for smoothness: Sonic vibrations glide over your skin for maximum skin comfort
  • Use wet or dry. Now with 20% more battery power
  • Product designed, developed and made in Germany. Recommended by GQ and the Skin Health Alliance accredited
  • Test on 3-day beard versus leading premium tier products. vs. previous series 9
  • Great Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts for him. Perfect gift for husband, boyfriend, father and all the men in your life

Product Description

S Style:9330s

Braun Series 9 is the world's most efficient electric shaver. The 5 shaving elements capture more hair in one stroke for a flawless shave. This foil shaver offers you both a close and gentle shave, without compromise. The electric shaver for men glides over the skin and is suitable for wet or dry shaving. You can now shave cordlessly for longer (60 min) with 20% more battery than the previous 9 series. All 9 shavers in the series are made in Germany with first-class craftsmanship. Product recommended by GQ magazine.

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6.1 x 2.66 x 8.74 inches 1.03 Pounds

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1 Lithium ion batteries required. included





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Does anyone know the emf of this electric shaver? I am concerned about the electromagnetic radiation of this product!

First and foremost, I was an electronics instructor at the United States Army's Intel Center & Schools, Fort Devens, Massachusetts. I can fully understand the person's concern about the shaver's EMF rating. EMF in my fairly complete understanding means Electromotive Force (VOLTAGE), but has also come to refer to the magnetic emissions (radiation) of a device, or properly called - the GAUSS rating. For those who said the shaver is battery powered (DC) and therefore has no EMF, you couldn't be more wrong! The DC current either drives a motor and involves mechanical oscillation of the shaving heads, OR (most likely) drives an electronic oscillator and creates AC to drive a magnetic armature to oscillate the shaving heads. It seems to me that the person asking this particular question is concerned about possible interference this razor may have on pacemakers, which should definitely be a concern for anyone who wears one. Most pacemaker sensitivity levels can be adjusted by the treating physician and should not be set to the most sensitive level. MOST pacemakers are not affected by devices no smaller than 12 inches. I am not a doctor and if you have a pacemaker and are concerned about possible EMF interference... Consult your doctor. To those of you who have given incorrect information (emf = 0.00000000000 because it runs on batteries) and "Put your big boy pants on..." I only have one thing to say... shopper. Former subject matter expert, electronics instructor, skills qualification test writer/reviewer, author of Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks for MOSs 33S, 33P, 33R (Electronic Warfare) TRADOC (Training And Doctrine Command) Fort Devens, Massachusetts. It is my fair opinion that the Gauss levels of this, or any electric razor, are not significant enough to pose a health threat to pacemaker wearers and I sincerely believe that Braun's design engineers have considered these things in making their product. Sincerely, Sid

Does anyone know the difference between the 9290 and the 9295 besides the color?

According to the 9 series user manual, the 9290 and 9295 are identical except for the finish. If the manual is correct, Hall and Gates' responses are incorrect.

How do you change the cleaning program from short economical cleaning to high intensive cleaning? I don't see a toggle button.

The cleaning and charging station automatically determines this for you. As far as I know there is no way to manually change the intensity. What I do is, after I'm done shaving, I remove the top of the cartridge head and rinse it thoroughly with water, then I shake out the excess and put the cartridge head back on and place it in the cleaning and charging station. Usually the shaver only needs a light cleaning cycle with a low intensity afterwards.

how well does this work on the head?

It works great, I shave my head every week, very close shave

I need a durable shaver to remove the fine fuzz (fur) from our horses' muzzles while leaving the long, thick whisker hairs alone, will this work?

LOL...that's the best question ever- NOT!....why would or why would you want to remove the fuzz and leave the heavy hair behind?

Does the clean and renew station do all the cleaing or do you still need to brush the stubble out first?

I don't know what "should" is, but I'll give a quick brush first. To explain further... I brush the body part of the razor and tap the head to remove hair. I do this every day, but I only clean it weekly with the refresh station. My choice - I don't quite see the need for daily cleaning.

What’s the difference between 9290 9293 models?

Same shaver. 9290 comes with a cleaning station, the 93 does not. I rarely use the cleaning station. I prefer to wash it with soap under the tap, then when it's dry, I smear it with RavorSaver, I believe that's what it's called.

Why did my unit not have digital display (9) but a bar graph display?

After the last bar, the numbers start to appear (9 the highest) to inform you that you need to charge

Why does the head still rotate when the lock is engaged? Mine won't stay in position when it's supposed to be locked.

Mine is the same. Moving the switch down activates pawls instead of locking the head in one position. But as a practical matter, when I've used the switch, it held the head firmly enough. If yours doesn't, it sounds broken.

Does anyone have trouble plugging the cord into the cleaning station?

NEW! The same cord can be used to connect the shaver when traveling.