Bic Flex 5 Hybrid Men’s 5-blade Disposable Razor, 1 Handle and 6 Cartridges , Black Price: $16.40 (as of 15/11/2021 01:32 AM Details )

  • 5 long lasting, flexible blades personally adjust to the contours of the surface for an ultra-close shave
  • Lubricating strip enriched with aloe enhances waft even as shaving
  • Pivoting head and ergonomic anti slip care for offer better shave control
  • Precision edging blade is helping succeed in the ones tricky spots like under the nose
  • One fresh new care for and 6 refills in each and every package; Case come with 12 packages

Product Description

Style:1 Maintain & 6 Cartridges

Achieve the look you wish to have with the BIC Flex5 Hybrid Men’s Disposable Razor. This razor features five flexible blades that in my opinion adjust to the contours of the surface, delivering an ultra close shave. The long lasting, contour adjusting blades coupled with the lubricating strip enriched with Aloe assist the razor go with the flow over your skin for a closer, smoother shave. Every razor includes a balancing sphere so as to add weight to the Maintain, a 40 degree pivoting head, and an ergonomic anti-slip Maintain that offers better shave keep watch over. The precision edging blade helps reach tricky spots like under the nose or the side burns. Every package includes one fresh new Maintain and six refillable cartridges, providing performance, convenience, and value.

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1.28 x 3.94 x 7.68 inches 2.88 Ounces

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BIC Razors

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Is delivery safe?

No, they actually tape the blades to the outside of the box so you cut yourself when you lift them.

I shave my head and face. How often do you have to replace handle and cartridges? How many shaves do they last?

I shave my face 5 days a week and normally my head every other day. At this rate, the leaves should easily last 2-3 weeks. By the way, this is the best razor I have found for shaving my head and I have been doing it for about 6 years.

Made in?

I don't know the country of origin, but I can get three really good shaves with just one cartridge. Caution, put a cartridge in the handle ONLY when the cartridge is in the original container. By doing so, you ensure that the cartridge is seated correctly. Failure to do so may cause the cartridge to separate from the handle mid-shave.

How does this compare to Walmart's equate 5 blade cartridges?

It is not like this. If you try them, you will see that it is like comparing a Rolls Royce with a Pinto. I have used the Equate 5 blade and they feel so flimsy in my hand. I am female but I only use men's razors, apparently they think little ladies cannot be trusted around sharp things because they always enclose women's razors in safety wire perpendicular to the blades. It's maddening and results in a less close shave. I tried almost all men's razors in my quest for the perfect shave. Mach 3 was my go-to for a long time, then they started with 4 and 5 blades and when I tried this it was over. I won't say it's perfect, but I haven't turned it on for 4 years, so for now, until the tech explodes with a new concept, this is as close as I can get! I hate the way equality would feel around my knees, where there are a lot of awkward angles and high ground. I have to be REALLY careless to cut myself with these Flex 5 even though they are well sharp, but I would get nicks all the time with the equivalent. I know that shaving your face is something to go through similar to a knee at awkward and not easy angles, so I imagine you will also appreciate the feeling of weight and strength they provide. Go where you get its equivalent, right now during the holidays you can get a pack of flex 5 with 2 handles and 12 cartridges for 9.88 !!!!! No, it is not a typo. Or if you prefer, they have one with 8 cartridges which is the same but with titanium coated flex 5 blades also 9.88. IF I have tried the titanium ones, I did not find them different than the normal ones, if that helps. I would prefer 4 extra cartridges. Trust me, you won't be stuck with 11 cartridges you don't like! I am devastated that they have not been able to replenish my subscription for these! He received 8 refills for $ 12 once a month, but they sold out in August and he has not been able to get them back. Get convicted if I trade the same amount for $ 22 from another seller. I'm just going to stock up like crazy at the same place of purchase over the holidays and hopefully get a year for the next few weeks.

What is the difference between flex 5 hybrid and flex 5?

I'm not sure there is much difference other than a new handle on the hybrid. Also, I don't think the hybrid has titanium blades. I am satisfied with the hybrid version.

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Are blades as good as titanium alternative to hybird

Yes, testimonials should be available on YouTube. Due to copyright we will not be able to publish them. I hope that helps :)

Is this comparable to Fusion which I use 1 blade for a month and shave face and head 5X a week

This may not fully answer your question, but it does give you a comparison. I shave my face every day without fail. A shaving head lasts for 3 weeks. I think it can go longer than that when shaving the scalp and neck because it doesn't require as sharp a blade as it does for the face.

Are bic razor cartridges universal? meaning will cartridges from one bic razor fit on another bic model?

NO, they are NOT universal. One can get a very good shave with the BIC Flex 5 Hybrid if one is willing and able to apply the mechanical skills and knowledge associated with a good mechanical engineer to attach the disposable blade to the handle. If you don't position the blade correctly, it will fall off in the middle of the shave. In short, if you have tremendous dexterity, this is the product for you, but for normal people, it is simply TOO EXPENSIVE GARBAGE!

Does this "refill package" come with a handle, as implied in the pictures in the listing?

The pack includes 8 refill cartridges that work with a BIC Flex 5 hybrid razor.