Bellabe Facial Hair Remover for Women. Remove Unwanted Hair on Upper Lip, Chin, Face, or Price:  $17.99 (as of 25/11/2021 02:11 AM Details )

  • Made in the USA a facial hair removal spring that offers quality, affordability and ease of use; use on upper lip, chin, cheeks and neck
  • U Unique spring action quickly removes facial hair from the roots without damaging the skin; great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin or women with PCOS
  • Eeffective, natural and healthier; no more messing with depilatory creams, depilatories, waxes, bleaches, razors or laser hair removal
  • SSmall, discreet and portable, Bellabe is TSA compliant, no batteries required; each Bellabe facial hair remover comes in a handy reusable storage case
  • BBuy only from Bellabe USA to make sure you get the authentic Bellabe facial hair remover; purchase price is for one Bellabe in any color

How does it work?

You bend it into an inverted U shape and just roll it over the hair. The hair will tear out. It works reasonably well, but hurts a bit.

How well does it work on thick, course hair?

It works on any hair you can roll it over. Thick or thin. I found that sometimes it breaks off a thick hair near the skin, and doesn't really pull it out at the root. So hunting with tweezers is almost mandatory. But! All those tiny fine baby hairs you didn't even know you had? Rip them all straight out. All 3000 of them. Also pulling out thick hair with this thing hurts like @#%[email protected]#?. Picking or waxing.

Can we use it for armpit?

I'm sure you could, because it's basically a tool for pulling multiple hairs at once. I can't imagine it would feel comfortable nor be easy to use on your own, but it would be worth a try. I have never personally used it on my armpit, but I have used it on my legs and it has the same effect as pulling. several hairs at once.

How long does the spine last

I've had mine for seven years and it still works. Keep them dry.

as to use on sides of face, I was told if you pull those out, hair grows back much courser like chin hair does, true?

I realize this is a two year old question, but I saw your answer to the first answer you received. If you pull the hair out at the root, it won't grow back thicker. Shaving doesn't do that either, but if a hair is shaved off at the surface of the skin, the tip becomes blunt so that it feels "rougher" when it starts to grow (stubble). What you experienced on your chin, with chin hairs that eventually "grow back thicker" after plucking, would have happened anyway, as there have been hormonal changes in the hair follicles over time. The hair follicle determines the hair thickness; the follicle responds to hormonal changes. Not picking. Plucking changes the hair follicles, some hair grows back even finer over time. In some cases, a few hairs will not grow back. Think of people who have had their eyebrows plucked every day over the years and who now have too few eyebrows. Same situation.

Can l use a skin numbing cream with the spring hair removal. I have read some results were it can be painful

I personally have never used a skin numbing cream. Pain tends to become tolerable after a few uses. The steel is cold against the skin, it's a relief. You don't want your skin or hair to be damp or damp.

I want to buy this for my elderly mother. I have it and love it, but wonder if she might accidentally pinch her skin with it since she has wrinkles.

I have 'old' very soft skin these days and I use it all the time without squeezing. If her wrinkles overlap and create creases I don't think it would be effective as it works best on flat skin. I would think it would be fine, if it pinched it probably wouldn't be a serious pinch that would break the skin.

Will I need to get a new one after awhile? Does it "wear out"?

I've had mine for over a year and it still works great. It's so reasonably priced that if I had to buy another one, it's well worth it.

does it grow back thicker

I didn't notice it growing back thicker. It hurts!

how many do you get

An. It's worth the price! The photo is misleading. It is made strong and works great!!! I am Italian and have natural hair.