Bee Bald Shave Premium Shave Cream Goes on Light & Slick for a Shave That’s Price: $7.29 (as of 15/11/2021 00:13 AM Details )

  • Light and slick for a shave that’s incredibly smooth and fast!
  • Great for all skin sorts.
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed and revived.
  • Not only for men – girls find it irresistible too!
  • Use just a small quantity . . . a bit is going far.

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Product Dimensions

6.5 x 3 x 2 inches 4.8 Ounces

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Bee Bald

Is this oil based?

As far as I know, this product is not oil based.

Everyone is mentioning the smell of this product but not what it actually smells like. So, what does it smell like?

It can't give you a specific smell, or more than it smells good. This is a great product to use on your head. I always shave well.

How does this compare to Head Slick?

I have been shaving my head for about 22 years. I used to swear by HeadSlick. I used it religiously and recommended it to many people. Unfortunately, as the price went up, the quality went down. When I found Bee Bald I was skeptical, but I've been using it long enough to say that I probably won't use anything else while it's available. No matter how long or short my hair is when I shave, I have never had irritated skin (if my hair was too short with HeadSlick, I commonly got burned from the razor blade, but I was crediting it for how dense and rough my hair is. hair, not realizing it was the product I was using). I think my worst shave (if that's correct to say) with Bee Bald was even better than my years of HeadSlick use.

Can it be used with an electric shaver?

SHAVE was not formulated for use with wet / dry electric shavers, so we do not recommend using it for that purpose.

One ingredient is durian. isn't durian known for its "revolting" odor? online info. uses the word "revolting" scent for yes?

This item does not have any "foul odor".

Does this go with no fome? smooth and clear...

It is very smooth, not clear.