Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set – Beard Wash and Conditioner for Men With Biotin & Price: $34.99 (as of 14/11/2021 02:02 AM Details )

  • My good men, the beards have come. Take care of them with beard shampoo & conditioner containing my perfect beard oil! I declare your beard will appear to be a rabid mongoose no longer!
  • I mustache you a query. Do you tire of owning 47 several types of beard balm, beard wash and beard conditioner? Well, here’s a solution better than that Trojan horse idea.
  • You would possibly own a beard brush, beard kit, and beard grooming set . These will give semblance of taming your hairy holiness, but I do declare Polished Gentleman will give perfection!
  • Stop lollygagging along with your face. Do you even know what’s for your beard wash or beard conditioner products good man? You don’t must be Steve Jobs to do the research. My natural formula will make your beard fuller than a landfill in Northern California!
  • I have news for you about hair growth. Tea tree, Rosemary, Biotin, Aloe, Argon Oil, Peppermint Oil, Manuka Honey, and Eucalyptus. I rest my case good man.

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3.15 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches 1 Pounds





Will this help with acne as well?

I don't know if it helps clear up acne specifically, but I found it mild enough not to cause any increase in acne and a good cleanser to help be preventative. And I have quite sensitive skin. My skin has been pretty healthy since I started using it.

What does smell like

Hello, The shampoo and conditioner smell very minty and fresh also from the tea tree oil. it was helpful.

Is there gluten in either the shampoo or conditioner?

Gluten is not listed as an ingredient in shampoo or conditioner

Do i need to use balms or oil still? i use beard oil/some times castrol black jamacian oil, beard balms, ect. DO i need to use any of that with this

You don't need to, but you can . I keep using my oils. Although the conditioner will leave your beard softer and more manageable, the oils will protect the beard but mainly the skin under the beard. The shampoo and conditioner will help keep the bear clean and create a base for whatever else you want to put on your manly mane. Hope this was helpful. Good luck

How does everyone get the conditioner out of the bottle? It’s so thick I can’t get it out.

I make sure to shower with a gorilla. It is the only creature with enough grip to pry the coding out of the bottle. Or store it upside down.

Will, this help make both pieces of my facial softer?!

No, you need oil and balm plus a leave-in conditioner.

i have a fairly long beard (18 months). how long would this last using daily?

My Beard is approximately 3 inches long, after being trimmed to approximately 2 inches every few months. I have kept my beard like this for about 18 months. I shampoo my beard about four times a week and condition it daily. Conditioner and shampoo last for different lengths of time, which is pretty annoying for ordering, but the product is worth it. A 4oz bottle of shampoo lasts for about 3 months and the conditioner lasts for about 6 weeks.

What if I already have an awesome beard, Will this make it too thick?

Not likely unless you have a lot of clogged hair follicles waiting to bloom. existence. If you already have a beautiful full beard, then that is not likely. I find that it strengthens hair to prevent breakage and helps prevent just as easily pulled out. Plus, the conditioner helps keep it from being too frizzy or dry. (Also, can a beautifully sassy beard be “ too ” thick? Nah!)

I have extremely thick facial hair, will this make my facial hair longer and fuller?

Hi yeah, this will help you grow out and smooth your beard. and manageable. Also, check out our other beard products as they can help you too.

I work as a mechanic every day and I sweat a lot, so I have to wash my face and beard every day. Any recommendations for the product for my situation?

I wash my face and beard every day. I find this product to keep my beard soft and manageable. I do not suffer from dry skin or a dry beard.