Beard Brush and Beard Comb Kit for Men Grooming, Styling & Shaping – Handmade Wooden Price:  $9.97 (as of 21/11/2021 20:01 PM Details )


  • HEAD HAIR, BEARD and MUSTACHES classes will benefit from this natural wooden comb and 100% boar bristle beard brush included in the kit. It works great on all types of hair, including long, short, thick, thin, soft, hard, rough and tangled beard and hair.
  • 100% BOAR BRISTLE BEARD BRUSH grades of natural boar bristles help distribute the oil and improve the hard and hair texture, style, styling, smoothing and conditioning. Great, used it with beard oils, balms, waxes and conditioners. Perfect for hard beard and stache care products, softening and styling.- : HANDMADE, ANTISTATIC and snag free each comb is made with delicate care, you can feel the slick at any time. Thick and fine tooth finish that can be done by graph, hard hair or beard so there is no mistake or for hair to pull up just like any other cheap plastic comb. Great as a mustache comb, and it helps to maintain dandruff-free facial hair.
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR A MAN in training weeks (this is the extended hair, beard set, beard comb and beard brush for men is packaged in a luxurious and durable gift box with magnetic closure and pleats, and a travel-friendly cotton bag for storage. It can be a great gift for yourself or a young friend, and as a man.

Does the comb have thick to fine teeth?

it is uniformly thick teeth throughout the comb. no fine

Is the beard oil over powering in smell? Husband wants a good oil that is not to woodsy smelling and overpowering.

I think it has a very nice scent. Not woodsy or overwhelming. My husband hates strong scents or overpowering scents and he really likes them. hope this helps

Is this 100% boars hair or is it a mix?

It is 100% boar hair.

Are these waterproof? Can they be used in the shower without warping, discoloration, etc.?

I wouldn't use them in the shower, they are made of wood so are porous, warping and discoloration are guaranteed

Can the brush be cleaned with soap and water?

I assume it is made of real boar hair, yes.

I have often had plastic combs snap in my back pocket , will this wooden comb tolerate me sitting , bending , and lifting while in my pocket?

I think it might be okay. it's about 5". It's sturdier than the plastic bag, but when it's wood it's not like an oak or pine. Hope this helped.

Is this product made in USA?

Unfortunately not. Made in China. It's not bad, but I prefer an American-made product.

Is this for a hipster? A man that is so manly but yet scared to get his hands dirty?

Yes, was a gift for a hipster. But most hipsters are not male. They use this brush to clean up crackers and cheese crumbs after a day of wine tasting instead of spending their weekend working on a classic muscle car.

Why have more people bought this set than repsol care's other set on amazon? any ideas? i'm trying to decide which one to get. thanks!

Did you ever get an answer? I ask myself the same.. why is this one better or does it have more reviews?

How does one clean brush and comb? Can they tolerate water and shampoo?

Never really tried to wash them, but I assume so. Good materials!