Babylisspro Barberology Metalfx Series – Clipper Price: $209.99 (as of 26/11/2021 04:11 AM Details )


Can i use whal guards?

You can also use whale blades. These are exact copy

Where can I purchase a zero guard for these clippers?

It comes with a 1/2 (0.5) guard - that should be the equivalent of an Andis 0 guard

How long is the warranty ?

They have a 2 year warranty, but the warranty program takes about 2 years to send you a new one. If you are a professional. You will have to wait about 3 months without your Clippers for new ones.

Is a stand for this available?

No, there is no stand for that.

Can this be used in Israel?

yes would just need a plug adapter to charge.

can this be zero gaped?


Can this be used in Germany?

yes it is dual voltage and only requires a plug adapter for Germany

How do I order a Replacement blades for fx801r

Find them on Amazon

What is the cut length with taper control?

A taper is cut with the 1 guard open or close the clippers if you want a smoother look on the head.

Can these be zero gapped?

Yes. But be careful. They can become too sharp and cut/uncomfortable on people