Aria Starr Castor Oil Cold Pressed – 16 Fl Oz – 100% Pure Hair Oil Price: $18.95 (as of 23/11/2021 14:31 PM Details )

    HKT8PREMIUM GRADE: 100% pure cold pressed castor oil. Hexane-free extraction. Only the finest castor seeds, hand picked and cold press extracted to preserve the botanical actives and triple refined for the highest grade of quality. HUGE 16 ounce bottle. Comes with a dispenser pump for easy application.
  • ALL-IN-ONE SKIN CARE: Get ready for your skin and face to instantly fall in love with your new blemish-free and healthy-looking supple skin. For your face: remove dirt, grime, make-up and dry skin and leave your face tasteful. Helps fight acne, reduce acne scars, moisturizer, no more terribly flaky dry legs, smooth skin, even complexion, reduces pigmentation, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces dark circles and puffiness, fades stretch marks and helps minor skin infections.
  • ULTIMATE HAIR CARE: Enjoy young, healthy, beautifully thicker hair again. Your frizzy hair will feel softer than ever before. No more breakage when untangling or manipulating. Say goodbye to your hair that is falling out, horribly falling out, tangles, dry and brittle ends, thinning hair, a dry scalp and dandruff. No more clumps of hair on your brush. Say hello to thicker eyebrows and lashes.
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Befor I order does this stop hair falling?

I have been a hairdresser for over 20 years and have had many male clients along with many women who suffer from hair loss. I've also had loads of clients that I've encouraged to see their doctor because of changes I first noticed as their hairdresser. I joked and said I should have become a doctor as I have a pretty good success rate but it's not that I'm that good it tells her a lot about what's going on in the body! Someone suggested biotin and that may be a good idea. I have had many clients that it has helped immensely. The only downside to this is that most of them are women and hair growth increased all over which gave some of them another set of problems. Back to your question. Castor oil can be helpful in certain circumstances, but my experience is that topical solutions are not the answer. You should also think about the natural oil content of your hair and that there will be a unique response to your scalp from everything you apply. What I've seen people help the most is to visit their doctor (examine as much as you can before the visit), and resolve the issue and refuse to walk out with a simple topical RX, but ask specifically blood work and testing. I have often seen people with undiagnosed thyroid conditions, which caused their hair loss. This is just one area that can be treated by a doctor and reverse hair loss problems, but there are many more. Also, keep in mind that some medications themselves can have the side effect of hair loss, so research your medications and be prepared to weigh it all up with the doctor. A doctor will never care about the details of your health as much as you do, so let them help you, but be willing to help yourself with RESEARCH and wise decisions. If hair loss is a side effect of an RX, look for one that isn't. Apart from that, a nutritional approach with lean protein, vitamin E, vitamin B and many other nutrients can also reverse hair loss. I am a junk food junkie by nature and trying to get healthier step by step! But if I start losing my hair, best believe I would go into a much faster transition! In conclusion, I would like to say that castor oil is great for many things and this one in particular is my favorite, but I learned many years ago that topical applications to the scalp are not the answer. I refused to sell certain products to line my pockets simply because I knew it was true, and I had a salon! So, topically, don't raise hopes and don't spend a lot of money. Visit a Dr. & research & you are on the fastest way to a real solution!

i have fine & thin baby hair. i have no problem with dandruff, hair damage nor hair loss. just looking for hair thickness. is it possible with this?

There is no research to support the use of castor oil to thicken hair. If you search the internet for hair thickening products, you will be presented with several possible options. Have a look at this one:¨ =Nioxin_Search_Category+Product_Exact&utm_20-0elj| %20products&gclid=Cj0KEQiAxrW2BRCFidKbqKyq1YEBEiQAnMDWxrxPKbVJ21bl68lk5YN2dp-PmB_kFA9wr77MCK3WmxEaAlye8P8HAQ Good luck!

I am a 37 year old male. I want to use this product to grow more eye lashes that are thinning. How do I apply this product?

You can apply it in many different ways: with a cotton swab, your finger or a brush. I use a clean small makeup brush and apply very little on the brush. You don't want to do much because it gets in your eyes. Make sure to rub it into the roots of your lashes as thoroughly as you like :) Good luck! I hope I could help

will this make my hair grow faster and longer?

In my case, my hair is getting thicker (I have fine baby hair). In my mother's case, her hair is getting longer.

Can I use this product before styling?

Not to straighten your hair but if you put it in a bun or ponytail yes the consistency is a bit thick but I don't mind wearing my hair I only do it when my hair is wet. I hope this helps.

Where is this manufactured and where is it grown?

It doesn't say on the bottle. Just that it is being distributed from Corona, CA.

Can i ingest this product for laxative effects

One should not use this product for laxative purposes unless it now has FDA required drug facts on the bottle. Rather, buy a castor oil with OTC drug facts and read the directions and warnings that should be on the label. Some people should not use laxatives such as castor oil, and it is important to follow the dosage and usage instructions to use the product safely.

Do you want to use this on their eyelashes and had any good results

Sorry I didn't use it on my lashes. But it has been several weeks and I already noticed a difference in my hair. It can work for eyelashes.

Is it good for 4c hair low porosity???

Enthusiastic YES! I have 4B and 4C hair. It is very good at retaining the moisture on wet hair. A very small amount goes a long way. It is a thicker oil than you may be used to using. So try it lightly, then build on that until you feel you're using the right amount for your hair. I also used it every day to oil my feet. I have not had any cracked or chafed heels and between my toes since I started using this product. Google on the uses and merits of cold pressed castor oil. You won't regret it. Happy Curly Coils!

Has anyone used on Male Balding? And if it worked, did you leave on as a conditioning daily conditioning in shower and then rinse so not greasy?

No, I didn't use it for that. And I cannot say that I have noticed hair growth as a result of using this product.