Andis 32400 Slimline Pro Lithium Ion T-blade Trimmer, Chrome Price: $56.04 (as of 15/11/2021 02:10 AM Details )

  • Balanced, ergonomic trimmer for sketching, designing and dry shaving. of 2 hours and 15 mins
  • Supplied with a good-installing T-knife (conceivable with out play)

Product Description


Andis 32400 clipper.

Can i use these to actually buzz my whole head to stubble?

I definitely haven't shaved my entire head, but it cuts so hard and seems to be powerful enough to cut through anything.

Can you use guards wuth this trimmer

Comes with 4 plastic protectors, 0,1,2,3

What is the voltage input on the power supply?

Written on the box 120v 50 / 60hz I planned to buy the adapter later, but when I received mine I was impressed to find a 110-240v dual voltage adapter that was convenient. It was included in the box and I didn't order it. That was great for me.

Hi does it work with 240v overseas power coz i really wanna buy one

It does. The power adapter that comes with it is an automatic voltage. However, the pins are flat pins.

"it says "Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required." Does it come with a battery or not? I thought this product was new?"

Has factory installed lithium ion batteries inside, trimmer stand, charging cable, trimmer protectors ... does not come with a separate battery

can you zero gap the blade?

If you can

what is the specific power cord to this shaver?

These particular trimmers are cordless, but will last a full day on a fully charged battery. As for me, I tend to put them back on the charging base after every few uses.

If the black and chrome andis slimline pro li are the same, then why isn't the black pair eligible for prime and why the big difference in price?

I think that depends on who distributes the trimmers.

How do these trimmer hold up?

They seem to hold up well. But all brands seem to be unpredictable.

where is it made?

In Germany.