American Crew Pomade for Men, Smooth Control With High Shine Price:  $13.88 (as of 24/11/2021 09:30 AM Details )

  • Medium hold
  • High gloss
  • Easily washable (water based)
  • Completely natural holding power
  • Provides good hold for every style
  • Completely natural fragrances without synthetic additives

Whats the difference between this product and

It's a different amount. one is 1.75 oz and the other is 3 oz

For the guys who use this: do you wash your hair every night? Or rinse it with water, and wash it every other night? Thanks!

Most good professional hairstylists seem to suggest not shampooing the hair daily. I usually only scrub mine with any soap, shampoo or conditioner 2 or 3 on average per week. The other days a good rinse is fine. Since my hairdresser told me to do 8 years ago, my hair has stayed hydrated, smooth and even better than washing too much. Those harsh chemicals in shampoos damage the hair more than anything else.

How easy is it to wash out of your hair?

Simple, apply shampoo before rinsing your hair and go through every section of your hair thoroughly.

does this pomade cause aging

Only if you mix it with your coffee in the morning or rub it on your face morning and night. Other than that, it works really well to use it on your hair

Can you use this product after using leave-in conditioner?

Hi Steven, yes the product should work well after applying the leave in conditioner. Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be happy to help!

Crew for men pomade has 2 different colors, one is white and one is clear. I am looking for the one the is clear. Is that what you are showing? If so

The new Elvis-image tubs aren't the clear pomade. I like the clear one better, but the cloudy version works well too. I am a consumer, not a seller.

what color it is, clear or white??

Hi Daury and thank you for your inquiry. I just checked our stock and the product is mostly clear. In the container it is almost the color of Vaseline Vaseline. It has a very slight yellowish cast to it but when you put it on your fingers it looks clear. Thank you. Beauty store depot

I have curly hair, will this product straighten my curls?

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. In answer to your question, it kind of depends on what your goal is. If you want to straighten your curls a little, with more product, you'll find it straightens them out a little. Less product ensures that unruly curls stay in place better. If you want to define curls without using a pomade, the American Crew Forming Cream works well. Or the American Crew Curl Control hair cream adjusts the look of your hair by adding a smoothing texture and enhancing the natural waves of your hair. American Crew Molding Clay may be able to help you straighten the curls a bit more if that's what you want to do. Let us know if you have any questions! Thank you! Beauty store depot

will it stiff my hair

This is for both the gel and the pomade. Gel first> Depends on the length and thickness of the hair, plus how much you apply. It has a hold, but it's not like the blue spiky hair gels for short hair. If you put a lot on it, it gets a little stiff, but not hard to touch like a porcupine. I have short thick hair. If I put it on too long where it feels like I'm washing it will look stiff when it dries. When I apply it more moderately and when my hair is wet but not soaking wet, when it is dry it has hold but not the coarse feel. More of a moderate hold if you're used to using the blue gel for short hair, which I am when I want that spiky look all day long. You can get a spiky look with this stuff, but not so much to last all day. I like it because it does not flake and it is easy to wash out and has a decent shine. The smell isn't bad either. It also works well when my hair gets longer, but most people would say that my long hair is still short. I hope this helps. With the pomade it holds, but has a softer hold. If you want the spiky look, you could get away with it if your hair is really short, but the hold fades during the day to where your hair looks like there's next to nothing in it. I like both and use both. I use the pomade when I want to give my hair the feeling that there is nothing on it, but still want to get a grip. For me this has a medium hold which can be good for the look that requires the hair to look slightly finished and styled and not. When you use it, it actually works better when the hair is slightly wet, but almost dry. Again, the scent is nice too. You can really apply it if you want to get a smooth, shiny hair look that most people identify with the look of Wall Street or Italian mafia.

is this pomade good for spiking

For spiking the AC pomade, you would do that if your hair is short. Really their pomade is just a gel. There are many reviews on YT and I would highly recommend Pete & Pedro or Mr. Recommend Pompadour. They are all about the same price and they describe the uses for which their products are best, such as spikes.