Aluminum Free Deodorant for Men – All Natural Deodorant Spray – Organic Deodorant for Men Price: $19.98 (as of 25/11/2021 19:00 PM Details )

  • All NATURAL DEODORANT – 100% ORGANIC DEODORANT– Made from organic minerals (silver, copper, zinc), citric acid and water, this non-perspirant deodorant contains no parabens, stabilizers, preservatives, allergens and thickeners
  • ALUMINUM FREE DEODORANT spray for – Medically certified as safe, the natural deodorant will not clog your sweat glands or lymphatic system. It does not interfere with the body's natural cooling process.
  • NATURAL DEODORANT Spray for MEN – It is a fact that body odor is caused by bacteria. Our natural deodorant spray effectively prevents the build-up of odor-causing bacteria, rather than just masking the odor
  • VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY – This effective natural deodorant spray, with up to 4 months of protection, natural deodorant men leaves no trace on your clothes. Packaged in a luxurious stylish bottle.
  • Deodorant can be used as a natural deodorant for children – 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We offer you a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee so you can experience the best healthy deodorant on the market with confidence

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Package Dimensions

7.76 x 1.65 x 1.54 inches 4.97 Ounces

Date First Available

June 24, 2018


NanoSvit Organic

Any type of baking soda in it?

ODEO contains no baking soda - only organic minerals and micronutrients.

Is this product non-gmo?

The product is not labeled as such but it is 100% vegetarian and based on the formulation I can't imagine why GMO or not would matter. The ingredients include water, silver citrate, zinc citrate, and copper citrate. There is nothing here to genetically modify. None of the ingredients come from gene sources.

Does it leave white marks on clothing?

No, there is no ingredient that would cause the white spots. It's great stuff!

Why is it for men if no smell?

It has a different design and contains more zinc.

Does it come in 3oz?

4 oz

does this clump like the brand Sure unscented deodorant?

No, it is a clear liquid that dries quickly and leaves no residue

How come it says not to use under sun- light ?

It is displayed on the bottle - let it dry, keep away from direct sunlight.

Does this product have a scent?

ODEO deodorants are completely odorless.

What are the ingredients?

Organic compounds of silver, copper and zinc (silver citrate, copper citrate, zinc citrate).

Where is the official list of ingredients? Picture of the back of the bottle would be nice.

Hi! You can see the label in the last photo. Amazon only shows 6 photos in mobile version and 8 photos in browser. The label is on the 8th photo