After Shave Balm for Men by Bevel – Restoring Beard Care, Alcohol-free, With Tea Tree Price: $12.99 (as of 10/11/2021 22:33 PM Details )

  • LUXURY AFTER SHAVE RESTORING BALM – The Bevel Restoring Balm assists in keeping your skin happy with its refreshing coolness to calm your skin and helps cut back inflammation and irritation
  • ALCOHOL-FREE – Traditional aftershaves have a tendency to be alcohol-based which will dry out your skin, this restoring balm soothes and cools skin without the sting
  • REDUCE SKIN IRRITATION – This lotion helps to cut back shave irritation by the use of Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel to calm your skin
  • MOISTURIZES & EVENS SKIN TONE – Lactic and Salicylic Acids lend a hand exfoliate or even your complexion, at the same time as Shea Butter helps moisturize and cut back blemishes
  • SHAVING ESSENTIALS – Pair with the Bevel Safety Razor and Bevel Shave Cream for a shaving experience and not using a fuss, nicks, or cuts

Product Description

Size:2 Fl Ounces (Pack of one)

Product Description

Typical aftershaves contain alcohol, which is able to dry out and irritate your skin. As a substitute, the Bevel Restoring Balm is an alcohol-free aftershave lotion that provides your skin a dose of moisture and is helping to appease your skin after your Bevel Shave. Use your Bevel Restoring Balm because the last step within the Bevel Shave System for a consistently smooth shave and clearer skin. The Bevel Shave System is composed of The Bevel Razor, Bevel Badger Brush, Bevel Shave Cream, Bevel Priming Oil, Bevel Restoring Balm and Bevel Blades.

From the Manufacturer

Can this be used by women as well? For bikini area/legs?

I am male and I use it on my face but I don't see why it couldn't be used for legs and bikini area. Exfoliate and hydrate. However, be sure to keep it away from sensitive areas as it might sting a bit. However, the bottle is not that big, so using it for the legs can be expensive.

Where is this product made?


What are the ingredients of the bevel aftershave balm

Shea butter, glycerin, salicylic acid, argan oil, argan oil tea, jojoba, menthol ... a long list of ingredients

Does this contain coconut or coconut derivatives?

Hi, I don't see coconut as one of the ingredients.

Can this be used daily?

I used it daily on my chin until the darkness caused by the hair bumps dissipated, which took about a week. I use it whenever I see darkness due to hair bumps. I hope this helps.

Is this stuff good even for after using the bevel trimmers to shave your head?

I buy this for my husband who suffers from horrible razor bumps. His skin is much better. He says it's comforting. It does not use the bevel blade.

Is this nut free?

Yes, it is

Does the after-shave work well with the bevel trimmer?

My husband uses a different brand and the after shave works great.

are you cruelty free?

Yes, it is! Without animal experimentation. The product is new and sealed. Thanks for your interest.

Can this work as a pre-shave lotion for electric shaver use?

I don't think that will work. It is not greasy, but makes it easier to shave the beard.