50 Count Double Edge Razor Blades – Men’s Safety Razor Blades for Shaving – Platinum

Amazon.com Price: $9.88 (as of 11/11/2021 00:33 AM Details )

  • Sharp and Precise- Perfect quality edging blades for a precise and clean shave.
  • Lubrication- The blades when used with our specially formulated shaving cream, hydrate the surface and give protection to it from any irritation, leaving a soothing sensation.
  • Durability – The platinum coated, japanese stainless-steel blades, guarantee an enduring razor
  • Safety – Every of the blades is in my view wrapped in wax-paper for a safer handling.
  • The Viking Promise – We are so confident that you will love this Double Edge Razor Blades, that if for any reason you don’t seem to be completely satisfied, simply contact us and we’ll handle it

What is the country of manufacture of these blades?

Scrap like all the rest coming from China! There are limited forms of producing double border razor and these are comparable to most competitors. Many younger people think that if Japan says, it has to be a quality and this is a falsehood, since most of the products were originated and manufactured in Japan (the same quality of scrap as China), but then companies started To supply manufacturing to China because they obtained a cheaper agreement. The conclusion is that most of the products designed today are created with a very limited life, as this causes consumers to return to more and more. The garbage is garbage. . . . . Many companies will even announce American in their advertising, but when he deepened, he will see that the product, the parts, etc., are held in Chine and sent to America so that the US company puts it in a box, hence the American term products. Today's very deceptive industry, it is better to stop spending, these companies are soaking every penny of Americans and that it is a clear indication that most consumers are simply uninformed.

Are these blades reccomended for Women?

Totally according to the gentleman, who claims that he would not recommend to an enemy (and we certainly do not want any animosity towards women!) I tried most blades , which are available these days. The brand in consideration reminds me of the dialogue in "1984" by George Orwell on the blades that should be used, reused and then reuse multiple times. If one would have to reuse them, hey, good luck if one's face is still recognizable.

how do these blades have lubrication?

I have used double-edged blades since I began to shave in the 1960s. Most blade manufacturers claim that their blades are lubricated by coatings that are placed On the blades to prevent them from getting hooked on their skin while shaving. It is not a lubricant as the oil, but a slippery coating similar to the plastic that binds to the metal for the short duration that uses it. I imagine that exposure to water while you shave also causes the blades to be more "slippery". I have to admit that I have only been removed once with these blades and even that was very small, so the call lubrication must be functioning.

How does these blades compare with the ones from feather?

You can get the same Chinese made (Japanese steel sheets) of the faces for the same price. https://smile.amazon.com/platinum-japanese-stainless-double-blades/dp/b08gk12v18/ref=sr_1_20?dchild=1&keywords=100+facon+razor+blades&qid=1617160876&sr=8-20[0 ◆ tec]

What is the exact diameter of the center hole? i've an antique 'micro-plane' with a center 'bolt' of 0.18in or 4.8mm Will it fit?

Super precise, I'm not sure someone can answer that. They seem to be standard size. Only buy, then, if they do not work so that your knife simply returns them. He was also worried about the accessory.

Do these blades work with Manscape's "The Plow 2.0"?

Yes. That is the razor. Use.

Are these blades coated with teflon or ptfe?

Do not seem to be and do not say they are.

how many times can I use the razor before I should replace them?

[0459002]6 or R Times, slope on the razor blade. Recently I bought the Japanese platinum sheet that we can not offer at all, the quality will determine how long the sheet lasts.

"viking revolution" or "shaving revolution"?? which is it? i feel we are being scammed by a counterfeit company.

Viking Revolution is your website. Revolution is the name razor blades in their double edge. "Return my opinion before buying. Had rusty blades in a pack of 50 blades. They sent replacements with the comment" There must have been a setback on shipping "sealed a box cutter? Not a good sheet.