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How to Perm Asian Hair at Home – a Guide of 2023

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how to perm asian hairReady to take your ‘do from straight to curly? Perming Asian hair at home can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. According to genetic studies, people with Asian ancestry tend to have very straight black or brown pigmented locks.

Yet many are surprised that perms work on this type of texture. To help make the process easier and more successful, here we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to perm Asian hair in 2023.

Tips for styling at home:

  • Understand the difference between a cold perm and an Asian Perm.
  • Use the right products before and after your treatment for maximum longevity.

So grab those curling rods; it’s time to get creative!

Key Takeaways

  • Clarify hair before perming to remove buildup
  • Wrap hair tightly from ends to roots when perming
  • Follow instructions for solution and neutralizer mixing times
  • Use a silk/satin pillowcase overnight to maintain moisture balance

Can You Perm Asian Hair?

Can You Perm Asian Hair
You can safely give Asian hair texture and style with a perm, as its strong cuticle layers make it resistant to heat and chemical damage. To achieve the desired results, you need to select an alkaline-based waving lotion of appropriate strength for your type of hair.

Before perming, it’s important that you clarify your hair to remove any buildup that could interfere with successful application of the product.

Once ready for perming, proper sectioning is essential. Work in small sections starting from the ends, then wrap tightly around each rod all the way up towards the roots before securing firmly at the base.

Following instructions carefully, including mixing times for both the solution and neutralizer, are key here. Apply waving lotion thoroughly using circular motions throughout the entire head, but don’t wait the full time listed on the package.

Once achieved, rinse off immediately followed by the application of neutralizer until curls take shape properly. Then allow drying naturally while avoiding excessive heat styling, such as blowdrying or curling irons/wands, for at least one month post-perm.

For long-lasting curls, consider going down 1-2 sizes smaller than the anticipated final look.

Finally, Korean Digital Perm works great when done correctly, providing voluminous beachy waves popularized by numerous celebrities these days. Just remember nourishing products are needed afterwards due to the damaged bonds reforming process, which also makes straightening out completely impossible within the following four-week period.

Tips for Perming Asian Hair at Home

Tips for Perming Asian Hair at Home
Perming your locks at home is a great way to get the Asian look you’re after. To achieve this, here are some essential tips:

  • Invest in quality perm rods and solutions designed for Asian hair. These products help protect against chemical damage by providing heat protection while also helping curls last longer than with traditional cold perms.
  • Section hair before using rollers or rods, working in small sections from ends to roots. Apply waving lotion thoroughly with circular motions throughout each section of the head for optimal results.
  • Follow instructions carefully when mixing and timing the perm solution. Don’t wait the full time before checking curl formation as it can cause over-processing! Immediately rinse off once the desired shape has been achieved.
  • For long-lasting style, incorporate Korean digital perms which create soft flowing waves inspired by many celebrities today. However, find reputable salons specializing in these services as they require more skilled techniques than regular perms.

    The intricate process involves breaking bonds within the strands first before wrapping them on heated tools! With adequate care after treatment, beautiful curls can stay intact for up to six months. So, take extra caution during styling in this period, especially if opting for Japanese straightening treatments afterwards.

    These treatments may completely pull out the curl pattern without proper precautions taken beforehand.

What is the Difference Between a Cold Perm and an Asian Perm?

What is the Difference Between a Cold Perm and an Asian Perm
A cold perm and an Asian perm differ in the way they create curls for your hair. Cold perms use a chemical solution that is applied to the hair, which hardens when left on for a certain amount of time.

This process causes bonds between protein molecules inside each strand of hair to break down and rearrange itself into new shapes, creating curls or waves.

On the other hand, an Asian perm uses heated rods with no chemical solution at all. Instead, heat from these rods causes proteins within strands to become malleable so that they can be manipulated into different curl patterns without breaking them apart completely like a cold perm does.

The result is long-lasting styles without any heat damage caused by hot tools such as curling irons or flat irons used after the treatment has been done, like in Caucasian perming methods.

Korean digital perms are also gaining popularity due to their ability to produce natural-looking waves inspired by popular K-pop stars. On the other hand, Japanese straightening offers sleek polished results similar to those seen on celebrities who have undergone professional treatments usually only available through salons specializing in Asian perming techniques.

Whether you choose one style over another depends largely on what kind of look you want.

How Long Does an Asian Perm Last?

How Long Does an Asian Perm Last
An Asian perm can last up to six months, making it seem like an eternity of bouncy curls! To ensure a healthy and long-lasting perm, there are certain steps to take.

Firstly, the hair should be prepped for traditional perming with a cuticle trim or clarifying shampoo. This helps reduce chemical damage when using the waving lotion and neutralizer later on in the process.

Secondly, use smaller rod sizes when curling as this will help achieve longer-lasting results that won’t require too much maintenance over time.

Thirdly, once you have applied your waving lotion and neutralizer onto each rod sectioned curl, let them dry naturally without applying heat from blowdryers or flat irons.

Finally, keep in mind if you opt for a Korean digital perm instead of traditional perming, then be aware that heated rods may cause more potential damage.

How Much Does an Asian Perm Cost?

How Much Does an Asian Perm Cost
The cost of getting an Asian-inspired perm can range from $50 to $400, depending on your stylist and the type of curl you desire. Factors such as salon services, hair damage level, desired curl patterns, and rod sizes all affect the perming cost.

When choosing a product for your hair, make sure it is suited to achieving the type of curls that you would like. If not, then this will also increase costs. For example, using heated rods produces tighter curls, which tend to last longer than those achieved with unheated rods.

However, they are more expensive, so bear this in mind when selecting a perm option for yourself.

Additionally, small rod sizes help create longer-lasting tight curls, while larger ones give bigger waves or looser spirals.

When caring for newly permed locks, avoid heat styling tools during the first month post-treatment as these could cause further damage by pulling out the curl pattern created by rods. Instead, opt for heated rollers or air drying methods such as braiding damp tresses before bedtime on a low heat setting only! Also, use silk/satin pillowcases overnight, which help retain moisture within strands, thus preserving shape much better than cotton materials do.

Does an Asian Perm Damage Your Hair?

Does an Asian Perm Damage Your Hair
Before subjecting your hair to a perm, it’s important to be aware of the potential damage that can occur. Korean digital perms are known for producing natural-looking and lasting curls, but they should only be done in reputable salons.

Heat from the rods can cause harm if not used correctly. To minimize any risk of damaging your hair with an Asian perm, preparation is key.

Start by clarifying the scalp with a pre-perm shampoo to remove buildup. This buildup could prevent the curl pattern from taking or weaken bonds when reforming them into shape during the perming process.

Use heated rods for tighter curls and follow instructions for mixing the neutralizer solution thoroughly before applying it evenly on all sections. Use circular motions until you reach the desired curl effect without waiting the full time before checking progress.

This way, you don’t overprocess the cuticle layer, which protects each strand from further chemical exposure. Even after rinsing out the waving lotion properly, it can still lead to damaged hair.

Avoid heat styling post-perm for at least one month. This allows the new curled structure to hold its shape while keeping your locks healthy. Constantly exposing your hair to the hot air coming off a hairdryer or curling iron’s barrel can cause the bonds within strands to break apart once again.

What is a Korean Perm?

What is a Korean Perm
A Korean perm is a specialized salon treatment to create natural-looking waves and curls inspired by celebrities, giving you the perfect beachy look. With its roots in Korea, this clean beauty trend uses digital salons with heated curling rods that break the hair bonds for more voluminous, flowy waves.

Unlike traditional perms or large curling irons, your Korean perm will result in less frizz with higher shine while maintaining its shape for months at a time.

For best results, be sure to find an experienced stylist who specializes in this type of perm as they can test your hair’s strength and pattern before beginning the process.

Here are some key points about a Korean Perm:

  • Uses heated rods which produce tighter curls than traditional methods
  • Lasts up to 6 months when cared for properly
  • Cost ranges from $50-$400 depending on the length and thickness of your hair

Your desired outcome should also influence rod size – go down 1-2 sizes smaller than what you want if aiming for longer-lasting tight curls.

Getting a Korean Perm

Getting a Korean Perm
Getting a Korean Perm is an exciting way to add texture and volume to your locks, without sacrificing the health of your hair. It’s important to find a reputable salon or one that specializes in this type of perm for the best results.

The process begins with softening and breaking bonds in the hair before wrapping it around heated perm rods. To avoid heat damage, nourishing products are applied afterward, which helps keep curls looking healthy and vibrant for months on end.

For those with long, frizzy hair, this smooth style can create beachy waves like you see on celebrities! Be sure to use smaller rod sizes when perming as they will help make your curls last longer while still providing ample shape & bounce throughout each strand!

Additionally, styling tips such as avoiding blow-drying initially after getting a digital perm should be followed closely – dry shampoo is recommended during the first four days instead so you don’t get your new curl wet too soon! A cold chemical-free alternative known as ‘Curl Keeper’ is also available if desired but requires more time & patience than traditional perms do for achieving perfect curves & shapes within every lock of hair.

Maintaining Your New Style

Maintaining Your New Style
To ensure your new look lasts, use nourishing products and follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your stylist. Moisturizing tips are especially important for Asian hair as it’s prone to dryness.

Popular products include natural oils, leave-in conditioners, and deep conditioning masks that can be used on a regular basis. Styling options should also be considered carefully. Avoid using straightening services or curling irons until at least one month after receiving the perm.

Heat protection sprays will help protect hair from damage when using heated styling tools afterwards.

When blow-drying, use a diffuser attachment to prevent curl loss or frizziness due to over-drying with hot air directly onto the curls from a nozzle attachment of a blow dryer. For maximum longevity of curls, set them in rollers initially before letting them air dry completely.

This allows longer-lasting results than wet styling with heat alone would give you.

Consistent maintenance is essential. Proper care will keep your style looking beautiful for months – so find out what works best for you! With these simple moisturizing tips and effective styling options combined with heat protection, you’ll find long-lasting curls are easy enough when taking good care of your permed Asian Hair!

What the Fuss is All About

What the Fuss is All About
Discover why the Korean Digital Perm is so popular among those looking for a chic, voluminous hairstyle. This modern perm offers an array of curl types that can be tailored to suit an individual’s preferences and hair type – specifically, Asian hair.

It provides curls that are soft and long-lasting due to the use of heated rods combined with nourishing lotion products, which work together to protect against damage from heat styling.

With this perm, users can expect:

  • Maintaining their curls for longer periods without needing extra care or frequent touch-ups.
  • Reduced likelihood of perm damage compared to traditional perms thanks to its gentler chemical formulation.
  • A variety of shapes and sizes depending on how tight you want your curl pattern.
  • Easier access when applying circular motions while using heated rods.

An overall healthier appearance as it doesn’t strip away natural oils in the hair like most other methods do.

The combination of alkaline-based lotion plus heating tools ensures maximum coverage throughout each strand when wrapping it around rollers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is an Asian perm suitable for short hair?

Yes, an Asian perm is suitable for short hair! Achieving the perfect curls can be a liberating experience; with the right knowledge and technique, you’ll have power over your look.

Can I get a Korean perm done at any salon?

Yes, you can get a Korean perm done at any salon that specializes in the style. It creates natural-looking waves and curls inspired by celebrities, adding volume to long hair with less frizz and higher shine than traditional perms.

Are there any particular products I should use after getting an Asian perm?

After an Asian perm, use nourishing products to protect your hair. Opt for those with hydrating and smoothing properties to keep curls looking healthy and frizz-free.

Is there a way to make my Asian perm last longer?

To make your Asian perm last longer, opt for smaller rods and go two sizes down from the desired curl. Also, avoid heat styling and use nourishing products to keep curls looking fresh! Metaphorically speaking, think of it as a garden – only with proper care can you expect beautiful blooms.

How long should I wait before getting a second Asian perm?

Wait at least 6 months between Asian perms for the best results. Professional products and techniques will keep curls looking fresh while nourishing your hair to stay healthy and strong.


With all the fuss about perming Asian hair in 2023, it’s easy to understand why many are eager to try this new style. You can indeed perm Asian hair, however, it’s important to understand the differences between a cold perm and an Asian perm.

An Asian perm typically lasts between 6-8 months and can cost anywhere from $50-$400, depending on the salon. While there is some potential for damage, with the right preparation and care afterward, you can enjoy your new look for longer.

A Korean perm is the perfect way to achieve a natural-looking, voluminous wave or curl, and with the right stylist, you can ensure your new look is healthy and long-lasting. So, if you’re looking to perm your Asian hair in 2023, make sure you do your research and find the right stylist.

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