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Crafting a Magnificent Yarn Beard – Simple Tutorial for Fake Facial Hair Full Guide of 2024

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how to make a fake beard with yarnYou’ve been daydreaming about rocking a glorious beard for months now. But the pesky genetics gods decided facial hair wasn’t in your destiny.

Grab some colored yarn, felt, glue and scissors. In just an afternoon, you’ll have a fake beard that looks so real, your coworkers will wonder if you grew a quarantine mane overnight.

With a few simple steps, you can craft realistic facial hair that would make any hipster jealous. The best part is getting creative with different colors and styles. Go for an ombre look or stick with a natural ginger shade – the options are endless.

So bust out the yarn and let your inner lumberjack shine through. That lumbersexual life is calling your name.

Materials Needed

Materials Needed
With just yarn, thread, and basic sewing supplies, you’ll have everything needed for this easy DIY beard. To make the braided base, cut three equal lengths of brown yarn. Tie the ends together, then braid the strands tightly and knot the other end.

This braid acts as the anchor. For the chin strap, loop one end around one ear and sew it to fit snugly. Stretch the braid across your face below your lips to the other ear, loop it, and sew again. Trim any excess. Create the mustache base by pinning the braid trim where you want the mustache to lie.

Sew it in place once positioned correctly. Cut several long yarn strands for fullness. Gather, fold and sew the midpoint to form the mustache. Sew the sides to the chin strap too.

Your fake beard takes shape easily with basic hand sewing! Let your creativity run wild with color and styling.

Make the Base

Make the Base
Now that you have gathered the necessary materials, it’s time to start building the base of your magnificent yarn beard. Take three equal lengths of brown yarn and braid them together into a tight, sturdy plait.

Make sure to braid firmly and evenly – this braided cord will serve as the base to attach the rest of your beard. Once your braid is the desired length, carefully loop it around your ears and under your chin, ensuring it fits snugly against your jawline.

With the simple but essential beard base completed, you’re ready to move on to attaching the moustache and shaping the flowing beard.

Create the Chin Strap

Create the Chin Strap
Once you’ve braided the base, loop the braid around your ears to create a chin strap for securing the beard.

  1. Cut a strip of fabric for the chin strap.
  2. Leave extra length to adjust fit.
  3. Loop ends of braid over ears.
  4. Sew or glue fabric together under chin.

Measure from ear to ear under your chin to get the right chin strap length. Take your time looping the braid ends over your ears and securing the fabric together. You may need to trim the strap or readjust for maximum comfort. The key is getting a snug fit so your magnificent beard stays firmly in place once assembled.

Craft the Mustache

Craft the Mustache
How nicely will you form the magnificent mustache next? After securing that perfectly fitted chin strap, it’s time to start on the mustache that will bring your yarn beard to life. Take three strands of yarn in the color of your choosing and braid them together as the base.

Test the fit, trimming any excess and adjusting until the mustache base follows the contour of your upper lip and cheeks. Now build up the length of the mustache, adding more yarn strands until you achieve the fullness and style you desire.

Be sure to sew the sides where the mustache meets your face so it stays put. For an extra dwarven flair, braid the ends of the mustache and sew them to keep the shape. Your yarn beard now has a magnificent mustache worthy of any dwarven warrior. So grab your ale tankard and get ready for adventure! With a simple homemade mustache, you’ll be ready to take on the role and let your inner dwarf shine.

Braid Mustache Ends

Braid Mustache Ends
You braid the ends of the moustache to finish it off neatly. Separate the moustache into sections. Take three strands per section and tightly braid them together from top to bottom. Make sure the braids are even and tidy. Once each section is braided, gather the ends and sew them securely with matching yarn.

Use a needle and thread to stitch a few times at the very tips. Trim any uneven frays.

The braids add stylish detail that completes the moustache. For extra security, you can use clear nail polish or fabric glue on the ends. Let dry completely. The braided moustache gives your beard a rugged, dwarven look.

Make any final adjustments to the shape and fullness now before moving on to assemble the full beard. This step finishes the moustache portion with neat braided ends. You now have the base, chin strap, and mustache completed.

Next will be attaching and shaping the full beard. Take a moment to try on your yarn beard and evaluate the fit and style so far.

Determine Beard Length

Determine Beard Length
After braiding and sewing the moustache ends, you’ll want to determine the beard length and cut yarn accordingly. Measure from your chin to your desired beard endpoint, then add a few extra inches to allow for braiding or trimming.

Cut pieces of yarn to this length—you’ll need two or three pieces for each section of beard you attach. For a fuller dwarf beard, make the pieces a bit longer, around 8-10 inches. For a shorter human beard, 4-6 inches should suffice.

Adjust to your preference, you can always trim later! Having pre-cut lengths ready will make assembling the beard quicker. Just be sure to leave some extra yarn in case you need to fill in any thin patches for fullness.

With the right beard length pieces cut and set aside, you’ll be ready to start attaching it to the base.

Attach the Beard Sections

Attach the Beard Sections

  1. Start with shorter pieces to frame the face.
  2. Add medium length pieces underneath for coverage.
  3. Fill in sparse areas with longer strands.
  4. Attach strands using a needle and matching yarn.

Shape, blend, fill, integrate, customize.

Attaching the beard sections requires patience, adjusting as you go for the right shape and density. One must work methodically around the face, step back to check progress, and make tweaks until satisfied.

Fill Out the Beard

Fill Out the Beard
You’re almost there! Now it’s time to fill out your luscious beard for that full, bushy look.

Take more pieces of yarn and start attaching them randomly throughout the beard area. Work from the bottom up, adding strands until you reach your desired fullness. Don’t worry about making it look perfect yet – you can trim and shape later.

Add longer pieces in the chin area to get that long, wizardly style. Shorter strands work well for the cheek region. Vary the lengths as you attach more yarn for a natural, non-uniform appearance. Stand back occasionally to gauge the coverage and volume.

Aim for a slightly messy, disheveled look to make it more realistic. Add enough yarn so you could conceivably hide snacks or trinkets in there later! Once you’ve got the right amount of fullness, move on to trimming and final styling.

Trim the Beard

Trim the Beard
Before getting into rounding out your homemade yarn beard, you’ll want to make sure it’s nicely trimmed. Take your sharp scissors and carefully trim any long, stray pieces of yarn so they blend in with the rest of the beard.

Snip away any oddly long strands first, then shape and refine the outline. Go slowly and cautiously to avoid cutting off too much length! Focus on evening out the beard edges and blending the different yarn sections.

Once trimmed, your magnificent faux facial hair will have a polished, intentional look. Step back occasionally to make sure the beard looks full yet neat from every angle. Resist the urge to over-trim or thin out the beard. Simply remove any glaring imperfections.

With a precise trim, your yarn beard will be ready for displaying at events without fraying ends or messy stray strands.

Enjoy Your New Beard!

Enjoy Your New Beard!
After the final touches have been applied,

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Desire for a comfortable, homemade yarn beard.

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  • Lion Brand Fun Yarn
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