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How to Get Toner Out of Hair: 8 Steps & Considerations (2023)

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how to get toner out of hairReady for a new look? Toner is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your hair an instant makeover. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful with toner application, you may be left with undesired results such as orange tones or patches in outrageous colors like purple and yellow.

Here we will provide eight tips on how to get toner out of your hair so that it looks fabulous again in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • Professional help is recommended for toner removal, but natural remedies can be tried at home.
  • Avoid using heat styling and dyeing tools when removing toner.
  • Use gentle methods and nourishing products to avoid further hair damage.
  • Deep conditioning is important to restore moisture after toner removal.

Should You Remove Toner From Your Hair?

how to get toner out of hair 1
You’d bleach your hair purple tryin’ to get that awful toner out before the big dance tonight! Removing unwanted toner from your hair can be a challenging task. It’s best to look for professional help if you want perfect results, but there are some natural remedies and steps you can take on your own as well.

Before diving into removal methods, it’s important to remember that using heat styling or dying tools will further damage already weakened strands and should be avoided when trying to remove toner from dyed locks.

To avoid permanent orange spots after removing the unwanted tones in the first place, consider semi-permanent color instead of permanent dye which requires more time and effort when correcting mistakes or changing colors in general.

To start with simple solutions at home is always advised since they tend not only cause less damage than harsher products but also result in better looking tresses afterwards due their nourishing properties such as oils found in many ingredients like coconut oil.

Lemon juice acts as an effective mild bleaching agent, helping fade away any undesired hue faster than usual without needing too much scrubbing involved. The same goes for baking soda mixed with shampoo, acting like a gentle exfoliant, being able to take off dirt buildup along with any traces left by regular usage of hair products over time.

This includes dandruff shampoos often used while dealing with residue build up inside scalp pores. These basic treatments combined together work wonders, especially adding deep conditioning regularly afterwards helps restore moisture lost during this whole process, returning shine back onto its lusterless state.

Make sure no brittleness nor dryness remain behind once all said and done. Hence, before jumping straight into harsh chemical processes, make sure to go through the mentioned steps twice every week until the desired outcome is achieved.

Eventually, fading out entirely within a four-week span, whereas a hydrogen peroxide solution may require several applications in order to reach the goal. Yet, it could easily end up damaging severely delicate hairs, requiring extra care and maintenance afterward.

This leads to the need to use hydrating plus mildly formulated shampoos alongside applying nourishing conditioners/oils, massaging gently both scalp roots and tips equally, paying attention to ends specially, and avoiding frequent washing momentarily.

How to Get Toner Out of Your Hair:

How to Get Toner Out of Your Hair:
Hey girl, I know you’re freaking out after that last toner session left your hair looking like a purple rainbow. Don’t worry, we can fix this! There are a few easy at-home methods we can try first before booking another salon appointment, like using hydrogen peroxide and shampoo to gently lift the color, mixing up baking soda and shampoo to gently exfoliate the tone away, or making a natural toner remover with lemon juice and conditioner.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Shampoo

You could mix hydrogen peroxide with shampoo to gently lift the toner from your locks. Dilute one part peroxide with two parts shampoo in a non-metal bowl. Apply it evenly throughout damp hair, avoiding your roots.

Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Then, wash out thoroughly. Follow up with a deep hydrating conditioner.

This potent solution can:

  1. Fade unwanted tones
  2. Remove product buildup
  3. Boost shine

Rinse with cool water and air dry for best results. Use sparingly and deep condition regularly to prevent dryness.

Baking Soda and Shampoo

Adding baking soda to your shampoo scrubs the toner right out of those locks. Make a paste with equal parts baking soda and shampoo. Massage it into damp strands, targeting purple areas. Let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing.

The gritty mixture exfoliates, lifting stains from each follicle. Follow with coconut oil for 10 minutes. Then use a hydrating shampoo and mask to restore shine. Your hair is back to normal in no time.

Lemon juice and conditioner also naturally remove toner. Just mix equal parts, apply, and rinse after 5 minutes.

Lemon Juice and Conditioner

Mixing lemon juice and conditioner strips toner from your locks overnight. For example, Tracy noticed purple patches after a DIY toner application. She mixed equal parts lemon juice and moisturizing conditioner and left it on her hair overnight.

  • Test on a strand first to check the ratio.
  • Make sure the hair is dry before applying the mixture.
  • Distribute the mixture evenly and thoroughly.
  • Rinse the hair well in the morning.

Timing is an Important Factor

Timing is an Important Factor
Act fast, girl – that vivid violet’s gotta go asap if you wanna undo this toner travesty.

The quicker you act, the better your chances of reversing the toner tide. Fight fading fast by clarifying with shampoo tonight. Let lemon juice soak strands overnight – the citrus will help lift lavender locks come morning.

Rinse and repeat if needed, but beware overzealous efforts can cause damage. Nourish hair between attempts to repair and restore your mane.

Once your hair is back to blonde, give it some time before another try. Let those porous strands recover before taking the toner train for another ride. When ready, go low and slow with the developer. It’s easier to add more toner than take it away.

Method Timeframe
Clarifying shampoo 1-2 washes
Baking soda scrub 10 mins
Lemon juice Overnight

The toner tap dance is tricky, but these tips will help you ride high and avoid a purple haze next time.

Things to Consider When Removing Toner From Hair

Things to Consider When Removing Toner From Hair
Okay hun, I know you’re eager to bounce back from that botched toner job, but let’s pause and reflect before rushing to remove it.

First, be gentle. Your hair has been through trauma – subjected to chemicals, stripped of lipids, traumatized by heat tools. It needs nurturing now more than ever. Aggressive removal methods like baking soda and lemon juice can cause more damage.

Next, consider your options. Removing toner completely can leave hair brassy if underlying pigment remains. You may prefer to re-tone gradually for a softer result. Ask your stylist for professional advice on the best route.

Finally, fill in the gaps. Porous, damaged hair needs extra moisture. Use leave-in conditioning creams daily and do a nourishing deep conditioning treatment weekly. Massage in natural oils like coconut or argan to replenish lipids. Avoid chlorine and heat tools until your hair has fully recovered.

Stay strong, girl. With some TLC for those tresses, you’ll be feeling fabulous in no time.

  1. Apply a nourishing hair mask weekly with plastic wrap and a hair dryer for deeper conditioning.
  2. Use a moisturizing shampoo to gently cleanse hair without stripping it. Look for ingredients like glycerin and panthenol.
  3. Massage a few drops of nourishing oil like marula, jojoba, or argan into damp hair after washing.

How to Fix Over-Toned Hair:

How to Fix Over-Toned Hair:
Reach for the clarifying shampoo, girl. This sulfate-based formula penetrates the hair cuticle to lift out deposited pigments. Add some baking soda to your regular shampoo for even more cleansing power. Dishwashing liquid like Dawn is a chelating agent that grabs onto those toner molecules tightly.

If all else fails, dilute some hydrogen peroxide with shampoo to lighten your strands back to normal. Just be sure to condition afterward, or your hair will be drier than the Sahara.

Clarifying Shampoo

You’ll wanna grab some clarifying shampoo to strip that toner out, hun. This stuff works magic, but don’t overdo it—no more than once a week.

Shampoo: Suave Daily Clarifying
How to Use: Lather on wet hair, let sit 1-3 minutes
Benefit: Affordable, available anywhere

Shampoo: Redken Cleansing Cream
How to Use: Apply to dry hair, add water, massage
Benefit: Removes heavy product buildup

Shampoo: Kérastase Specifique
How to Use: Use weekly or as needed
Benefit: High-end salon formula

Shampoo: Bumble and Bumble Sunday
How to Use: Massage into scalp before rinsing
Benefit: Invigorating tea tree oil

Rinse thoroughly after each use and condition well. Your hair will thank you!

Baking Soda

You’re in luck, exfoliating that toner out with baking soda mixed into your normal shampoo can gently scrub your hair back to its natural color. Create a paste with equal parts baking soda and shampoo. Massage into damp hair, focusing on stained areas.

Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. The gritty texture lifts toner without stripping moisture. Limit it to 1-2 times a week since frequent use can dry out hair over time. Always deep condition after clarifying washes.

Dishwashing Liquid

Reach for the Dawn when that toner’s gone wrong. The dish soap chelates and clarifies, lifting both toner and product buildup. For best results, mix equal parts Dawn and conditioner. Apply to damp hair, gently brushing through the ends.

Let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Deep condition afterward to restore moisture. Try a coconut oil treatment too. This cheap fix fades toner without frying your strands when done properly.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Diluted hydrogen peroxide can effectively lift your toner without damaging your hair when used properly. Mix one part 3% hydrogen peroxide with two parts water. Apply to dry hair, focusing on the ends.

  • Start with a 10-volume developer.
  • Do not exceed a 1:2 ratio to avoid drying.
  • Deep condition after to restore moisture and shine.

This gentle method fades toner gradually. With proper ratios and conditioning, peroxide removes toner without dehydrating your strands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for toner to fade on its own without removing it?

Toner typically lasts 4-6 weeks before fading on its own. Using clarifying shampoos or baking soda washes will speed up fading. Avoid over-washing and use hydrating products to counteract drying from fading toner.

Will toner damage my hair if I leave it in too long?

Yes, leaving toner in for too long can damage hair. The chemicals interact with hair fibers over time, causing dryness and breakage. Rotate deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture and protein if hair feels compromised.

Consider seeing a stylist to remove old toner and properly re-tone for your desired shade.

Is it okay to use toner removal methods while pregnant or breastfeeding?

I would avoid harsh chemicals while pregnant or breastfeeding. Stick to gentle shampoos and nourishing conditioners. When in doubt, consult your doctor or a certified stylist. Your health and your baby’s are most important.

What’s the difference between semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent toner?

You’re wise to know the differences. Permanent toner penetrates the hair shaft for long-lasting results. Demi-permanent coats the cuticle for moderate longevity. Semi-permanent just deposits tone on the surface and washes out quickly.

Should I avoid heat styling and treatments after removing toner from my hair?

Yes, avoid heat styling for 1-2 weeks after removing toner. Heat can cause damage to hair that has been stripped of its protective oils. Instead, focus on deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture. When you resume styling, use a heat protectant and set tools to low temperatures.


So there you have it, friend! Timing, thought, and tried-and-true tips tailored to terminate those tinted tresses. What worked to whisk away unwanted hues will be what works well for you. With wisdom and willingness to work a bit, your hair will soon shine happy and healthfully.

Remember to repeat rinses reasonably, research remedies rigorously, and restore hair’s radiance regularly. You’ll get that toner out in no time. Just stay centered, and have confidence! Your haircare hero is here.

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