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How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Hair: 8 Proven Tips & Tricks (2024)

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how to get smoke smell out of hairEver found yourself wondering how to get that stubborn smoke smell out of your hair after a night around the campfire or in a smoky room? You’re not alone. Smoke odor can cling to your locks, leaving you searching for a quick, effective solution.

Fear not, as we’ve compiled 8 proven tips and tricks to help you banish that smoky scent for good. Dive into these easy-to-follow strategies and enjoy fresh, smoke-free hair today.

Yes, you can get the smoke smell out of your hair by washing it with a clarifying shampoo or applying a scented dry shampoo.

Key Takeaways

  • Use a clarifying or fragrant shampoo and conditioner to effectively remove smoke smell from hair. Washing hair is the most reliable method for eliminating odors, especially when using products with strong scents.
  • If washing isn’t an option, apply dry shampoo or use home remedies like baking soda or cornstarch to absorb the smoke odor. These powders can be brushed through the hair to help neutralize smells without the need for water.
  • For a quick fix, fabric softeners like dryer sheets can be run over hair to reduce smoke odor and static. This method offers a fast way to mask odors when immediate washing is not feasible.
  • Spending time outdoors, particularly on windy days, can help air out hair and reduce smoke smell. This natural method leverages air circulation to dissipate odors without the need for products.

Water-Based Cleaning

Water-Based Cleaning
To effectively remove the smoke smell from your hair, you can start with water-based cleaning methods. Begin by washing your hair with a strong-scented shampoo to help neutralize the odor.

After shampooing, thoroughly rinse your hair with water and conditioner to further cleanse and add a pleasant fragrance.

If you’re in a rush or want to avoid a full wash, wiping your hair with a clean, damp towel can also help reduce the smoke smell.

Shampoo With Strong Scent

Using a strongly scented shampoo is an effective way to combat the smell of smoke in your hair. These shampoos often contain potent fragrances and cleansing agents that can help to neutralize and wash away the odor.

When you’re dealing with the lingering smell of smoke, it’s important to choose a shampoo with a robust scent profile and deep-cleaning properties.

Conditioner Rinse

After shampooing, incorporating a conditioner rinse into your routine can help eliminate smoke odor from your hair. Conditioners often contain fragrances that can mask smoke smells and leave your hair smelling fresher.

Additionally, conditioners can help to moisturize and detangle hair, which may be beneficial after using clarifying shampoos that can strip hair of its natural oils.

For those who prefer not to shampoo frequently, simply rinsing the hair and using conditioner can be a less harsh alternative to reduce smoke odor.

Damp Towel Wipe

Frequently, you’ll find that wiping your hair with a clean, damp towel can effectively remove some of the smoke particles that shampooing and conditioning might’ve missed. Towel drying with a gentle rub can lift away odors, especially if you use a scented towel infused with a drop of essential oil.

Step Action Benefit
Wet Wipe Dampen towel Prepares for cleaning
Rub Hair Gently wipe Lifts smoke particles
Scented Towel Add essential oil Leaves a fresh aroma

Dry Solutions

Dry Solutions
If you’re looking to eliminate smoke odor from your hair without water, there are dry solutions that can help.

Sprinkling cornstarch or baby powder onto your hair can absorb the smell, and letting it sit before brushing it out is effective.

Additionally, a blast of cold air from a hairdryer or spending time in the fresh outdoor air, particularly on windy days, can help to dissipate the smoke scent.

Cornstarch or Baby Powder

For those times when a water-based cleaning isn’t an option, you’ll find that dry solutions like cornstarch or baby powder can be a real lifesaver in deodorizing your hair.

Sprinkling these substances onto your scalp and through your locks absorbs unwanted odors effectively. Just ensure to brush out any excess powder thoroughly to prevent scalp irritation and maintain a fresh, clean appearance.

Cold Air Blast

After applying cornstarch or baby powder to absorb odors, you can further eliminate the smoke smell from your hair with a cold air blast.

Use your hairdryer on a cool setting and direct the airflow from your scalp to the ends of your hair; this method helps to open up the hair cuticles, releasing trapped odors.

Outdoor Air Out

To effectively combat smoke odors in your hair, spend time outdoors, especially on windy days, as a natural way to help air out and freshen your hair.

The breeze acts as a natural deodorizer, whisking away the campfire smoke.

Before heading out, consider donning a hat or hoodie as part of your outdoor hair care strategy to shield your locks from lingering odors.

Fabric Softeners

Fabric Softeners
If you’re looking to remove the smoke smell from your hair, using fabric softener sheets is a practical and effective method.

Simply rub a dryer sheet over your hair to help reduce the smoke odor and combat static.

For an extra layer of freshness, consider covering your hair with a clean hat or beanie after the application.

Dryer Sheets Application

Dryer sheet application offers a practical solution for those seeking to eliminate smoke odors from their hair. You can simply glide a sheet along your strands from root to tip. Scented dryer sheets not only neutralize cigarette odor and nicotine traces but also leave your hair smelling fresh.

For eco-conscious individuals, exploring dryer sheets alternatives or recycling used sheets for hair deodorizing can be beneficial. Store your dryer sheet in a clean, dry place to maintain its efficacy. This method is a quick fix to rid your hair of the persistent smoke smell.

Fresh Hat or Beanie

Continuing with fabric softeners, you can also freshen up your hair by covering it with a freshly laundered hat or beanie. This method not only infuses a fresh scent but also aids in odor absorption, keeping your style maintained while preventing smoke particles from settling.

Opt for a clean accessory that’s been washed with fabric refreshing solutions, possibly with a hint of vinegar or citrus for added freshness. It’s a simple yet effective way to shield your locks from the pervasive effects of thirdhand smoke.

Complementary Fragrances

Complementary Fragrances
When you’re trying to rid your hair of smoke smell, consider using complementary fragrances as a strategic approach. Opt for scents that can blend well with the smoky aroma, such as rustic or woodsy notes like cedar or bourbon, which can make the smoke smell less noticeable.

Additionally, tying your hair up in a bun can minimize the amount of hair exposed to smoke, thereby reducing the scent that gets trapped. If you find yourself around a campfire or in a smoky environment, these simple steps can help you keep your hair smelling more pleasant.

Wear Smoke-Complementing Scents

Choosing a fragrance that complements the smell of smoke can be a strategic way to mask unwanted odors when other methods are insufficient.

For instance, rustic scents such as cedar or bourbon may harmonize better with the smokiness from a campfire or cigarettes, creating a more pleasant overall aroma.

Additionally, some perfumes are specifically designed to blend well with tobacco smoke, such as those with tobacco notes or certain chypres. These fragrances can evoke an image of elegance and sophistication despite the presence of smoke.

Hair Bun for Less Exposure

You’ll find that tying your hair into a bun can significantly reduce its exposure to smoke, which in turn minimizes the smoky smell.

  1. Opt for hair tie alternatives like scrunchies or silk bands.
  2. Consider braiding your hair to further protect it from smoke.
  3. Use scented hair accessories like clips or headbands to mask any remaining odor.
  4. Explore hair treatment options such as deep conditioning masks to keep your hair healthy and smelling fresh.

Preventive Measures

Preventive Measures
When you’re planning to be around a campfire or any smoke, consider wearing an oversized hoodie to shield your hair from the odor.

Pulling your hair up into a bun can also minimize the amount of smoke that gets trapped in your locks.

These simple steps can help you avoid the hassle of removing smoke smell from your hair later on.

Oversized Hoodie Protection

By wearing an oversized hoodie while around smoke, you’re creating a barrier between your hair and the smoke, effectively reducing the amount of odor that can be absorbed.

Hood Cleaning Hoodie Care
Regular washing Immediate storage
Neutralizes odors Preserves freshness
Avoids buildup Maintains condition

Proper hoodie washing eliminates lingering smoke smell, ensuring your protective layer stays fresh. Hoodie storage is just as crucial; tuck it away promptly after use to maintain its condition and keep it ready for your next outing.

Hair Up in a Bun

Put your hair up in a bun to minimize exposure to smoke and prevent lingering odors. This simple act is a cornerstone of hair damage prevention, shielding your locks from the permeating effects of smoke.

For those grappling with an oily scalp, consider a DIY scalp treatment to maintain balance.

If you’re dealing with dry ends, a bun helps retain moisture, keeping your hair healthy and less susceptible to smoke’s drying effects.

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies
When tackling the stubborn smoke smell in your hair, natural remedies can be surprisingly effective.

A baking soda wash, followed by a vinegar rinse, can deeply cleanse your hair, removing the odor.

Spraying your hair with diluted lemon juice then blow drying on a cool setting can also help neutralize any lingering scents.

Baking Soda Wash

After protecting your hair with a bun or hoodie, you can further eliminate smoke odor by washing your hair with a mixture of baking soda and water.

  1. Baking soda benefits include neutralizing odors and cleansing the scalp.
  2. It can soothe scalp irritation and prevent dandruff.
  3. Baking soda acts as a natural volumizer for limp hair.
  4. It’s a great alternative to harsher shampoos.

Vinegar Rinse

Following a baking soda treatment, a vinegar rinse can serve as a natural deodorizer for your hair.

Mix one part distilled white vinegar with four parts water, apply to your hair, and let sit for a few minutes.

Then shampoo and condition as usual. Vinegar’s acidity breaks down smoke molecules, neutralizing odor.

Ensure a thorough rinse to prevent a vinegar scent.

Lemon Juice Spray

Continuing from the vinegar rinse, you can also use a lemon juice spray as a natural remedy to help eliminate smoke odors from your hair.

The citric acid in lemon juice acts as a natural cleanser, breaking down the smoke particles. Simply mix lemon juice with water, spray it onto your hair, and rinse for a fresh scent.

This DIY conditioner leaves your locks smelling clean and vibrant.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils
To effectively remove the smell of smoke from hair using essential oils, consider creating your own DIY conditioner or a simple essential oil spritz.

Essential oils like tea tree, lemon, and lavender have powerful deodorizing properties that can neutralize smoke odors.

By incorporating these oils into your hair care routine, either through a homemade conditioner or by diluting them in water for a refreshing spritz, you can enjoy fresher-smelling hair without resorting to harsh chemicals.

DIY Conditioner Creation

In transitioning from natural remedies to creating your own DIY conditioner with essential oils, you’ll find this next step both effective and enjoyable. Essential oils not only combat the smell of smoke in your hair but also offer a range of benefits, from soothing your scalp to enhancing hair health.

By incorporating a few drops of your preferred essential oils into a homemade conditioner, you’re not just addressing smoke odor; you’re also treating your hair to a nourishing experience.

Here’s how to create your own DIY conditioner:

  1. Choose your favorite essential oils for their scent and hair benefits.
  2. Mix a few drops into a base of natural conditioner for a personalized scalp treatment.
  3. Apply with a scented brush to ensure even distribution and a pleasant experience.
  4. Select hair products that complement your DIY conditioner for a holistic approach to hair care.

Essential Oil Spritz

After creating your DIY conditioner, you can further neutralize smoke odors by spritzing your hair with a diluted essential oil solution. The essential oil benefits extend beyond a pleasant aroma; they can also aid in smoke odor prevention.

Mix your favorite scents, like lavender or peppermint, with water in a spray bottle. For a more potent effect, consider a vodka hair treatment, blending vodka and water in equal parts. This method, along with using scented hair products, can significantly diminish the presence of smoke in your hair.

Professional Solutions

Professional Solutions
If you’re looking for professional solutions to get the smoke smell out of your hair, consider consulting a hairstylist for personalized advice.

They may recommend products like Smoke Blaster Spray, which is designed to neutralize smoke odors effectively. This spray is made with over 94% naturally-derived ingredients and is gentle on both skin and hair.

Consult a Hairstylist

For professional solutions to effectively remove smoke smell from your hair, consider consulting a hairstylist.

Booking a hairstylist appointment can provide access to salon treatments specifically designed for smoke odor elimination. These experts can integrate professional hair care products and techniques into your hair care routine, ensuring not just the removal of the smell but also the maintenance of your hair health.

They may suggest treatments that deeply cleanse or offer advice on products that can be included in your daily regimen to prevent future odor absorption.

Smoke Blaster Spray Use

Turning to professional solutions like Smoke Blaster spray can be a game-changer when you’re looking to eliminate smoke smell from your hair efficiently.

  1. Smoke Blaster Effectiveness: Its formulation targets smoke residue, ensuring your hair smells fresh without the need for multiple washes.
  2. Smoke Blaster Ingredients: Over 94% naturally-derived, it’s gentle on your hair and skin, reducing concerns about harsh chemicals.
  3. Smoke Blaster Price: While cost-effective alternatives exist, investing in Smoke Blaster can save time and provide convenience, despite its price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can dietary changes or supplements help in reducing the tendency of hair to absorb smoke smells?

Dietary changes or supplements haven’t been proven to reduce hair’s smoke odor absorption.

However, they can improve overall hair health.

How does hair porosity affect the absorption of smoke smell and the effectiveness of deodorizing treatments?

Your hair’s porosity affects how it absorbs smoke smell; highly porous hair tends to trap odors more readily.

Deodorizing treatments may penetrate and work better on porous hair, helping to neutralize unwanted scents.

Are there any long-term effects on hair health from repeated exposure to smoke and the use of various smoke-removal methods?

Repeated exposure to smoke can lead to hair loss and premature graying. Smoking affects the follicular growth cycle and fiber pigmentation. Frequent use of smoke-removal methods, especially those involving harsh chemicals, may also damage hair over time.

Can certain hair types or colors retain smoke odors more persistently than others?

Though hair type and color don’t inherently affect smoke odor retention, damaged or porous hair can trap odors more easily.

Protecting and maintaining hair health is key to preventing persistent smoke smells.

Is there a difference in the effectiveness of smoke odor removal techniques between synthetic hair extensions and natural hair?

Synthetic hair extensions are less porous than natural hair. This makes them generally less effective at absorbing and retaining smoke odors.

You’ll find odor removal easier with natural hair.


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but in your hair, it doesn’t have to linger.

With these 8 proven tips and tricks, you’re well-equipped to get the smoke smell out of your hair, leaving it as fresh as a daisy.

Whether you opt for a thorough wash, a quick powder, or a spritz of essential oils, you’ll find a solution that suits your needs.

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